Globant sets foot in Ushuaia: creates a hub for the knowledge industry

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Globant sets foot in Ushuaia: creates a hub for the knowledge industry

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Globant has opened its offices in Ushuaia

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The Globant sign on a building overlooking the Beagle Channel It’s the first time a Wall Street-listed tech company crashes in a southern city like Ushuaia. The arrival of this unicorn in the Fuegian capital caused a stir: the company it will shell out $ 750 million in its new offices and announced it plans to hire 120 people in the province before 2025.

It is not the first time that Globant has chosen to settle in the country outside Buenos Aires: the companywith a worldwide presence in 20 countries, it had already set foot in 11 other Argentine cities. The province’s expectation is that Globant’s precedent will serve as a cue for other knowledge economy firms to try to establish themselves in the country’s southernmost city to attract talent.

Present at the inauguration of the offices on a clear morning in August, the Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Gustavo Melella, said:“We must make Tierra del Fuego the beacon of the knowledge economy at national and regional level”.

Confirmed Melella in dialogue with Clarione that in three cities of the province, what the government calls “talent factories” will be built: small hubs where specific training in computer science is provided for young people that will allow them to enter the job market.

“It is a unique moment in the world and Argentina has the capabilities to surprise the world’s leading companies. We are in an industry that has impressive transformational potential, offering opportunities across the country, “he said. Nestor Nocetti, co-founder of Globant.

Wanda Weigert, Executive Director for Argentina and Chief Brand Officer of Globantsaid: “Since we arrived in Tierra del Fuego we have tried to bet on talent. We have already awarded 200 scholarships to train people in digital tools and we intend to continue to do so. We are convinced that we have very talented professionals. capable of generating interruptions in everyone’s organizations without having to leave their hometown “.

From Ushuaia, Globant already has teams working with different technologies related to software development: from SAP analysis. the visual part of the applications, known as front end and the systems behind them, called back-end. There are also specialists in testing the different products.

“During the pandemic we implement a “work from anywhere” policy. Besides the fact that we keep our offices because we like the culture that is generated in them, we also have people in different cities.Globant starts with a lot of training programs, so there are a lot of people who are just starting and the offices are ideal space to share with more experienced profiles, “Weigert explained.

These profiles are part of the interdisciplinary teams of hundreds of world-class clients: from the popular simulator football from Electronic Arts, FIFA, Disney apps or the Magic Band bracelet used by visitors to its theme parks.

“We have a program called Open Careers, where we basically make available all open positions of all our clients, from all sectors and every globber can apply. Everyone can build their career to their liking,” commented Weigert. The executive is an example: he started in the company in 2005 doing digital marketing and today he is responsible for the operation in Argentina and manages the company’s communication globally.

Weigert pointed out that this moment could be a turning point for the knowledge industry and for the country. “It is estimated that 65% of world GDP will be digital in 2023. As a country, we are first of a moment to decide whether we want to be leaders or not. The knowledge economy is currently the third largest export complex in the country and we export $ 6,000 million. If we compare ourselves to countries with similar characteristics, we could take the example of Poland, which exports 30 billion dollars a year, “she said.

Source: Clarin

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