Home Business Banco Ciudad offers student loans at 29%

Banco Ciudad offers student loans at 29%

Banco Ciudad offers student loans at 29%

Banco Ciudad offers student loans at 29%

University students..

Banco Ciudad has launched a line of loans for up to one million pesos intended for students over the age of 18. The annual nominal fixed rate, of a promotional nature, it is set at 29% per annum and the maximum duration is 24 months. City has reported, by way of example, that a $ 100,000 loan will be repaid in 24 installments of $ 6,020. The rate is substantially lower than, for example, what banks pay for term deposits: 69.5%

Due to the profile of the possible beneficiaries of this credit, the figure of the guarantor is admitted for students without their own income.

The president of the municipal bank William Laje, he said: “With this new set of proposals we try to encourage students to develop their projects and activities. Banco Ciudad’s specific funding for students is almost 10,000 credits granted, for a total amount of approximately 5,000 million dollars “.

The proposal, in addition to credit, adds the opening of a savings account and a debit and credit card and a series of exclusive promotions: up to 100% reimbursement in the first payment of the educational institution fee by joining the automatic debit ; special discounts of up to 30% and 18 interest-free installments for the purchase of technological products in the Bank’s marketplace, called Tienda Ciudad (https://www.tiendaciudad.com.ar).

Likewise, the Municipality offers the City Guarantee for those who wish rent for the first time or renew the rental agreementwhich provides support with rents up to $ 120,000, covers expenses and services, the student does not need to present a title to apply for it, has the option to add income from a guarantor and pay only 5% of the insured amount for the guarantee of your contract.

Source: Clarin


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