Air Canada has asked for a runway to take the Argentines to the Qatar World Cup

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Air Canada has asked for a runway to take the Argentines to the Qatar World Cup

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Air Canada Boeing 787-9.

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The airline Air Canada is joining foreign lines that return or increase of their frequencies from their countries of origin to Ezeiza airport, as they did in days gone by emirates or the new airline ITA Airways, to replace Alitalia. Also low cost living air announced that it will start flying from Bogotá and Medellín.

In the case of Air Canada, this company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange is already flying to Buenos Aires, plus four weekly frequencies from Toronto, with a stopover in São Paulo (there you can also move, three times a week, to Montreali).

In total, now the seats are available to travel to Toronto (which is the main city of that country but not the capital, which Ottawa) increase 1,150as detailed this week by the company’s international sales vice president, Virgil Russi.

Ignacio Ferrer (left) and Virgilio Russi (right) at the Air Canada conference in Buenos Aires.

Ignacio Ferrer (left) and Virgilio Russi (right) at the Air Canada conference in Buenos Aires.

“What we want, and we will ask the Argentine government for authorization, is to have daily flights up to approximately 3,150 seats per weekfor him last trimester of the year, “this executive said, at a press conference at Duhau Palace. Russi, who is fluent in Spanish, previously worked in Buenos Aires for Canadian Airlines (the predecessor of Air Canada today) as country manager.

Not a small fact that this extension of frequencies will be a few weeks before the World Cup in Qatar.

Air Canada offers connections from both Toronto and Montreal to Dohathe capital of the State of Qatar, where the international competition will begin in November.

And there are already many requests from Argentines who want to follow the National Team, to be dealt with Poland, Saudi Arabia and Mexico in stages of Doha Y Al-Daayen.

“It’s already there there have been several pre-purchases since the end of 2021 here in Argentina and it is definitely one of the major transshipment destinations for the World Cup, ”he added. Ignatius Ferrerthe current local country manager of the airline.

“But as we see, now Receptive tourism is as strong or stronger than the emitter. Ang favorable exchange rates for foreigners there is no doubt that it attracts tourists from other countries, “Russi added.

With the removal of restrictions after the pandemic, there are some airlines that are increasing their frequencies or requesting a runway to start flying to Ezeiza.

Just last week, three airlines confirmed their arrival. The latest is Emirates, which stopped flying in March 2020 and just announced that it will resume its flights from Dubai from November32 months after his last landing in Ezeiza.

Soon, two other airlines will start flying into the country. One is Italy Air Transport or ITA Airways, the new flag carrier of that country founded from flight permits and personnel of the former Alitalia. Since February it has been enabled by National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) to make direct flights from Rome, selling that to start them from June.

In the same month the flights of long live the wind, a “low value” controlled group Ireland (same as Ryanair) and has minority investment fund participation Cartesianfrom the USA, and owns here control of Flybondi.

In the case of Viva, these are routes already not necessarily land in Colombiabecause they will offer very cheap flights to the destinations where Aerolineas Argentinas flies today: Miami, Punta Cana and Cancunin addition to flights to Bogota.

Air Canada doesn’t offer that kind of competition, but it also does come with some very competitive fares, such as seats in the “premium economy” class (with seats similar to 1990s business class) in $ 1,200 round trip.

“Not all of them, because as you know we have three or four fare levels, but for seats taken early. that will be the priceRussi added.

Source: Clarin

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