More televisions offer to watch World Cup: Libson Group brings Siera brand to Argentina

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More televisions offer to watch World Cup: Libson Group brings Siera brand to Argentina

The Libson group carries the Siera television brand.

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This year, the World Cup in Qatar is stimulating the television market. In this line, the local Libson group, carved into the segment of merchandising industry, He decided bring the Siera television brand to the country -originally from Hong Kong. The first four models of these Smart TVs will start selling a few months before the World Cup starts.

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With initial production of 50,000 televisions in 2022 and an estimated 150,000 for the second year, Sierra televisions will come to the country in parts to be developed at the Canning, Ezeiza plant with Android 11 technology in versions 32, 43, 50 and 55 inches. They will be sold mainly in appliance stores and retail chains across the country.

Currently, Siera works more than 2 million annual Smart TVs for 40 countries in the world. “The proposal is to work with a company at the Libson Group level that adds support and tools to facilitate sales; from training, commercial agreements and investments to marketing and advertising,” explains Roberto Cicchini, CEO of Siera for Latin America.

Meanwhile, from Libson, Pablo Osso, director of marketing, said: “With the competitive prices and support of a globally recognized brand, we incorporate these products that value innovation, quality, design and size” and commented already Argentina consumes between 2 and 2.5 million television sets per year.

angThe Libson group has been running in Argentina for 50 years. Its main business is industrial merchandising, which consists, for example, of the manufacture of display refrigerators or freezers in supermarkets. Over the years, the 100% Argentine capital group has ventured into the home appliance business by the purchase 2020- of the Neba company with a factory in Catamarca and melted down. Thus, the Group spearheaded the sale of refrigerators and freezers in the Northwest.

Over time, the business expanded to add more appliances: the company began making electric ovens and heaters at its plant in La Tablada, in addition to other small appliances for the home. Today it produces more than 80,000 annual units of these items, including refrigerators, freezers and electric ovens and heating.

The Group’s sales strategy usually aimed at attracting middle and lower middle class consumers.Beginning in 2014, the group began to diversify its investments into three main business areas: Industry, Real Estate and Luxury. Today the group has four industrial plants (3 in Buenos Aires, 1 in Catamarca and more than 500 employees.

Siera, for its part, is a global company headquartered in Hong Kong and more than 220 distributors worldwide that distributes its products in both professional electronics and consumer electronics.

Source: Clarin

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