The caretakers beat a paparazzo who tried to take a photo of Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne in Buenos Aires: they fractured his arm

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A violent episode It happened this Saturday night Mouth where a paparazzo went violently beaten by private bodyguards of the actresses Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne for trying to photograph them.

The incident occurred near the Southern Patagonian restaurantlocated in the aforementioned neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where Hollywood stars – who wanted to go incognito in Buenos Aires – they were having dinner.

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It was during the dinner that the security staff who accompanied them found a photographer who was trying to capture them with his camera and went to attack it to prevent it.

Then there was a strong confrontation with the man, identified as Pedro Alberto Orquerawhere the British bodyguards threw him to the ground and started beating him.

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A few minutes after the start of the confrontation, the officers of the Municipal Police, from the 4C District Police Station, moved to the restaurant located at 800 Rocha Street after a he called the emergency health services who had alerted him to the brawl.

As reported, when they arrived in the area they found a man with whom a bleeding wound to the scalp and an open fracture in the left elbow.

As a result, the photographer was assisted by SAME and transferred to the Argerich hospital.

Faced with this situation, the attackers of British nationality identified themselves as Jac Rhis Hopkins and Josei Mac Namara Callum n. 34, responsible for the public prosecutor Catherine Neme from “serious injuries“.

According to the versions, the actress Robbie – consecrated after her role in The Wolf of Wall Street and Barbie – and the socialite Delevigne, a constant figure in the Hollywood scandal, had planned to travel to Patagonia this Sunday.

Margot Robbie was found in Buenos Aires by her fans days ago

Robbie fans had already done that discovered the Australian actress in Buenos Aires days ago and the news began to circulate quickly on social media. That time, without violence or scandal.

At first it was just rumors as there was no photo to prove it. However, hours later, the image appeared on Twitter.

So it was the same official account as Warner Bros Pictures Argentina who confirmed his visit to the country.

In a post they wrote: “Margot Robbie ???? is in Argentina and we can’t help but ask you: what is her best character?” They posted confirming the presence of the actress.

It is not the first time that Robbie has visited Argentina: in 2013 he traveled to shoot the film Focus, together with Will Smith. On that occasion, the shooting took place in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Retiro, Recoleta, San Telmo, La Boca and in the Puerto Madero area. There were also scenes in Barracas elto the underground line H.

The reasons for her current trip did not emerge, nor the reasons for her meeting with Cara Delevingne in Buenos Aires, with whom she became friends during the filming of the film. Suicide Squad, released in 2016.

They have since formed a close relationship and are shown together at various social events and gatherings.


Source: Clarin

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