A microphone was left open in the broadcast of Tini’s show and devastating criticism was heard on her body

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Tini Stoessel is doing an international tour and this Saturday she appeared in Asunción, Paraguay. There, a local channel broadcast the recital but with one detail: they forgot to turn off the microphones and it felt like they criticized the singer.

Journalist Pampito was the one who spread the video on his Twitter account. “Did you see that Tini is in Paraguay? It turns out that they broadcast the show on a channel there. The hosts of the event had the microphone open and it felt like they criticized her. a devil!!! “, wrote the speaker from very morning (Ciudad Magazine, Monday to Friday at 9am).

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In the video you can see the artist singing in a dress that reveals her abdomen, along with her group of dancers on a large stage in front of the crowd. And we hear the voices of some women who say: “Look at that navel I ask you to see. “While another replies: “I don’t want to watch, I’ll have nightmares.”

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The Pampito publication had thousands of “likes” and received many comments from users who he criticized the attitude of Paraguayan commentators.

“Your personal opinion has to come out after business hours”was one of the comments on the bird’s social network.

“We have seen it, they feel and the saddest thing is that they are women who talk about another woman and then they are the same ones who ask for sisterhood and empathy. We cannot let these comments passsaid another.

Rodrigo de Paul accompanied Tini to the Billboard Awards

In the last week there were rumors of a crisis between the singer and the footballer. But to disprove these versions, De Paul accompanied Tini to the Billboard Awards of Latin music, which took place this Thursday in the city of Miami, in the United States.

It was Tini’s hairdresser, Zacarías Guedes, who shared a video in which he was seen the footballer who walks next to Tini and his collaborators in the corridors of the stadium, on the way to the stage, where the artist sang Carne y Hueso.

To accompany his girlfriend, it was learned that the Atlético Madrid player obtained a “permit from the club”, as revealed by the body itself, for absent a few days for “personal reasons”.

In August Stoessel made headlines for his comments on De Paul. It turns out that Lizardo Ponce interviewed the artist in the preview of the Gardel Awards 2022 and asked her for something as direct and simple as: “You’re in love?“.

“In love? What a word!”, replied the singer, surprised. “What a strong word that I throw at the bottom of the card!” Lizardo told him. “Yup!” agreed the artist. And, immediately after, he replied: “I’m very well, very happy, I’m having fun”.

Source: Clarin

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