Photo gallery: celebrities attended the presentation of Flavio Mendoza’s new show

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Friday night, the first function of Soul Circus “Halloween World”, the new show directed and produced by Flavio Mendoza and there, too, various celebrities from the world of entertainment have arrived.

The choreographer surprised once again with an international staging in a tent with a super production and setting. This function was packed and saw the participation of many celebrities who attended with their families.

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Between them, Florencia de la Ve, Pamela David, Marcelo Polino with his goddaughter Matilda Salazar, Paula Volpe, Ana Rosenfeld, Daniel Gomez Rinaldi, Mariano Caprarola, Mariana Brey and Gisela Bernal, among others.

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In any case, the great protagonist and the one who captured the attention of the audience at the end of the show in the moment of the final greeting, was Dionisio, son of Flavio, who came out on stage dressed just like his father in tune with the theme. of the show. .

It is that according to what Mendoza told a few weeks ago when he was defining the details with the staging of the show, it is inspired by one of the favorite attractions of his son Dionisio: horror films.

And he said the idea of ​​doing a Halloween-themed show came from an interview he had with the four-year-old about fear of monsters. Flavio has in fact revealed that one of the musical numbers is inspired by one of those conversations he had with his little one.

“I never thought he’d like horror movies so much, they scared me as a kid. Even though he says he is afraid, he likes it very much, and in one of the songs we wrote I tell him why he sees terror if it scares him, and he says to me: ‘It scares me but I like it; He scares me, but I love him, “and that’s how it all came out, from his words,” Mendoza told Teleshow.

“The first graphic I made of Ánima, which means soul, has to do with the soul of my grandparents and my parents, who were the creators of the circus in my family and who put all this back into my life. I want to do a part for my son because it marks the family show that was a little lost ”, he pointed out, about the presence of his son in the graphics of the show.

For now, “Halloween World” will be on the bill during the month of October, from Thursday to Sunday, and will be presented at the Parque Comercial Avellaneda (Buenos Aires La Plata Highway Kilometer 9).

Source: Clarin

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