Blood wedding: the Lorca tragedy that postponed the pandemic has reached San Martín

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Federico García Lorca is an author who Vivi Tellas always seems to come back. The director has just premiered a version of Blood weddinga classic by the Spanish author, twenty years after the staging of another of his works, Bernarda Alba’s house.

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90 years after its premiere, desire, passion and death which are represented in Blood wedding resound in the Martín Coronado room, in one of the last premieres of the year, with an adaptation made by Tellas and Cecilia Pavón and which had been postponed due to the pandemic.

The cast is led by Maria Onetto together with Nicolás Goldschmidt, Miranda de la Serna, Luciano Suardi, Alfredo Staffolani, Laura Nevole, María Inés Sancerni, Claudia Cantero, Maruja Bustamante, Florencia Bergallo, Agustín Daulte, Julián Ekar, Rita Pauls, Nadia Sandrone, María Soldi, Max Suen, Mbagny Sow, the dancers Pablo Lugones and Eugenia Roces and the singer Nina Loureiro.

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White, black and red

The work, of great visual impact, where white, black and red predominate, it is designed to highlight the tragedy which, as happens with Lorca’s lyrics, is smelled in the air all the time until it finally materializes. But everything from the poetic as a starting point.

For this, the costumes of Pablo Ramírez, the scenography of the plastic artist William Kuitca together with the scenography by Rodrigo González Garillo and the lighting by Jorge Pastorino. As well as the atmosphere that adds flamenco in the choreography of Pablo Lugones and Eugenia Roces and in the music of Diego Vainer.

The San Martín is always the ideal place for García Lorca. And above all, bringing his poetry to this moment, in this complex social and cultural landscape, makes me happy “, says the director.

The staging always keeps actors and actresses on stage, at different levels of proximity to the public and, moreover, uses the curtain, lowering it after each scene, as a resource before moving on to the next. As additional information: the version respects the original text almost to the letterincluding the use of te and other expressions well “castizas”.

The protagonist’s opinion

“It is a very careful work, embroidery, in all its areas”, says María Onetto who plays the mother of the groom. “Meeting Vivi Tellas again is very nice, too, because she is the one who makes me step on San Martín for the first time, many years agoin Bernarda Alba’s house, something that was very important to me. “

Of her current character, Onetto says: “It is a very exciting challenge to make this woman particular, mourning the death of her husband and son, who sees in the marriage of the other son a certain illumination in the new assembly of his family. But then the tragedy arrives and this forces me to investigate new expressive resources that have to do with pain “.

As with the classics, the work dialogues with many themes that are still present in today’s world as when Lorca wrote it. “Question the idea of ​​the mandateof power, of being a woman and of being a man and of what is required by those places, of obligation and also of the very idea of ​​desire, which can also be a mandate “, says Onetto.

And he adds: “The opera and the staging are a poetic proposal and an invitation to feel in this moment in which our senses are so armored in our daily life”.

For Miranda de la Sernawho plays the bride, the character is the most important turning point of his recent career. “For me it represents a great challenge because I have never performed in a room as large, gigantic and incredible as the Coronado,” she says. The daughter of Erica Rivas and Rodrigo de la Serna tackles her first big job with this classic.

The actress assures: “The girl made me meet my limits. Working with them was an apprenticeship that continues, this is the beginning. And I really appreciate it.”

Enthusiastic about the proposal he is a part of, he says: “I think everyone will feel reflected in this work, they will love it. Meeting everyone who has worked so long in this theater is magical for me. Lorca is here with us, every time we do the work, I feel it. I think it’s a love that will stay with me forever. “


Blood wedding It can be seen from Wednesday to Sunday at 8pm in the Martín Coronado hall of the San Martín Theater, Av, Corrientes 1530. Tickets: from $ 650.


Source: Clarin

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