César Mascetti died: live a Canale 13 cameraman recalled when the journalist sent oranges to the Gimnasia campus

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Once we heard the news of the death of the journalist César Mascetti, the social networks and the media filled up gifts, messages and memories of the well-known journalist. So it was that, in tears, a cameraman who worked with the TV presenter was moved to greet him and told a funny anecdote between oranges, salamines and La Plata gymnastics and fencing players.

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César was not only known for his incredible news coverage or his ways of reporting the news, but also for his orange production at his country house in San Pedro.

In that context, he was the cameraman Hernan Ramoswith whom the journalist shared numerous inquiries, who told an anecdote that completely painted Mascetti.

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“Every Wednesday I went to the training of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, in 1996, and there was (Timoteo) Griguol, the coach of the team,” began the ex-partner of the journalist.

“One day Griguol sprinkles me with oranges: ‘Che, tell Mascetti to send us some oranges for the boys‘. I told César and he immediately said to me: ‘I’ll take you next Wednesday’ “, he said between emotion and joy.

“I collected them and there were 4, 6 crates of oranges and I took them to train. What happened? gymnastics won, thus a cabal was made and every Wednesday I had to go and get oranges to get them, ‘she exclaimed.

But the story did not end there, because Mascetti immediately and promptly asked for something in return: “César then tells me: ‘Che, tell Griguol to send me Caroya’s Cordoba salami‘. So I went there with the oranges and came back here with the salami “, concluded the cameraman to everyone’s laughter.

Then Ramos broke up with another slightly more personal anecdote and called him “brother“The one he had just lost in his life.

“When I was unfortunately shot, that year we received the Martín Fierro de Oro and he dedicated it to me. So I have the memory. I can’t talk, “he said in a broken voice and a lump in his throat. He said that, to celebrate the award, the reporter invited the entire news program to eat at his home in San Pedro:” We were a crowd and he didn’t scruples to invite everyone. May God have him in glory, a brother left behind. I can’t speak anymoreguys, “he closed.

But Ramos wasn’t the only one to honor him all day. His colleagues at Canal Trece, journalists from other media, artists and politicians also greeted Mascetti with heartfelt words.

One of them was the president. Alberto Fernandez: “With deep sorrow I learned of the death of the great César Mascetti, historical journalist and host of Argentine television, who for many years reported on Telenoche together with Mónica Cahen D’Anvers”, he wrote on his Twitter account. “An affectionate hug and my condolences to you and to those who loved you”, added the president with a photo of the journalist.

From the political arc, the head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta was one of the first to react on the networks: “I am very sorry for the loss of César Mascetti, emblem of journalism in our country, who entered the home of all Argentines with unparalleled professionalism and charisma. A big hug to Mónica and all her family “.

Marcelo Bonelli was another of those who shared the screen with César and highlighted both his human quality and his professional work: “Being a pilot, a reference and a number 1, he gave a lot of space to the columnists, to the reporters … he was a great journalist “.

“He was an affable pilot. He had that ability of a few, to convey their humanity through the screen. It was one of his virtues. With Monica they were not only a great human and loving couple, but also a profession,” he said. .

Another very moved was Rodolfo Barili. “I still struggle to believe it. Cesar Mascetti is dead. Great respect and admiration. This generated me with his work in life. I was able to let him know. I hug Monica endlessly,” said the Telefe host. .


Source: Clarin

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