Madonna has reserved the Centenary stadium in Montevideo: will she also come to Argentina?

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The rumor was circulating in Uruguay: Madonna will arrive at the end of 2023. This was finally confirmed today by Ricardo Lombardo, executive president of the Administrative Commission of the Official Field (CAFO) of the Centenary Stadium. He said he had a reservation made by the production company AM, which specializes in great musical performances.

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The unusual thing is that, for the moment, Madonna has not yet announced any world tour, despite having recently released a remix album, Finally, love is enoughwhich might give him an excuse to go out and sing around the world.

what is a reservation

Making a reservation does not imply official confirmation of the show. Another Uruguayan producer, CAFO. Last year he booked or arranged concerts of Justin Bieber, Metallica, Coldplay and Shakira, but none of these visits materialized.

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In the case of CAFO, it only confirmed the shows by Ricardo Arjona, on March 4, and that of Lucas Sugo, which was to be held on October 8 and was rescheduled for March 11.

As for AM, they just produced the Guns N ‘Roses recital and this Friday they have Tini Stoessel in front of them; that of Joan Manuel Serrat on November 22nd and that of Jaime Roos on the 26th of the same month, all at the Centenario Stadium.

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Source: Clarin

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