Marcela Morelo celebrates 25 years of career and remembers what it was like to get to her first album

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It seems incredible, but time passes and Marcela Morelo already has 25 years of recording career. She broke onto the local scene in 1997 with success Wild Heart and its characteristic aerophone sound.

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From there came a dozen albums, with multiple similar hits Love, without fear, the power of deception Y The same thing is happening to me. Argentine radios never stopped playing her songs and so she managed to make a place for herself in music and become a popular artist whose bond with her audience has remained strong to this day.

Over the years, Marcela Morelo has added to her repertoire other songs that are now classics, such as All right, without a kiss, Pretty Moon, Droplets, again and again. And the list goes on. Moreover, in her albums Otro Plan and Tu Mejor Plan she has been able to adapt the classics and make them become part of her repertoire in an organic way.

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Today, the idea of ​​celebrating an anniversary with a great show on December 2nd is an opportunity to retrace the path and find inspiration for what is to come.

Preparations for the great Rex

When it comes to talking about the show in the famous hall on via Corrientes, even though it’s a month and a half away, Marcela says that “I am already preparing and organizing it, as always. Also, as we continue to do shows, we have already started rehearsing some things, we have many shows before the Grand Rex in November, but playing in Buenos Aires has another emotional charge and a plus of energy “.

-Is it the same show you do everywhere?

-A couple of songs are always added more than at festivals, where the shows are shorter. A theater gives you a little more time and this allows you to play songs that aren’t that many on the lists

-What other anniversaries have you celebrated before, for example a 10-year career?

I think I haven’t celebrated ten years. And when it was two decades old, we made the album The 20 of Morelo, which brought all known songs and a new song that I recorded with Carlos Rivera. It seems to me that we presented it with several shows at La Trastienda. It happens that 25 years of career are Silver Anniversary.

For any situation, staying in time for 25 years is a prudent time to celebrate it and say “Wow, 25 years doing this, keeping it with enthusiasm and new projects and new music!”.

-At this point, not only do you have the same audience as your beginnings, but another generation has joined.

– Exactly, the new generations are approaching and it happens that many parents come with their children already in their twenties, who were very young when my first albums came out. I find it incredible that this happens.

“There is always a new challenge”

-The million dollar question: what’s more difficult, to get there or to stay?

-I think this path of music never gets anywhere. There is no end. The hardest thing for me is to stay in time with enthusiasm, creativity and the desire to continue touring. I think it’s the hardest thing. I always want to make a new album, a new challenge.

– Doing so many shows, is there a risk of getting on autopilot?

-Yes, because we work a lot, and at one point it was difficult to understand where he was. Have not been at my house on Saturdays and Sundays for a long time. In fact, there was a moment when we decided to stop for a while, because it is very tiring and very agitated. Living on tour is difficult, because you go on stage anyway, without sleeping or eating well.

Contact with people is very nice, because it is what gives you the energy to go on and on. Those breaks weren’t for beach vacations, but to stay home and reconnect with myself and make songs. Now I want to go out and play.

“This has completely changed my life”

-In your case, how did it get there? The industry was different in those days.

-Everything was completely different. I’ve done a lot of songs. There was a period of total solitude, in which I found myself with that river of creativity that you enter without realizing it. And at some point I found out that he had made a lot of songs that he recorded with the guitar on a cassette. I had bought a scholarship and had a keyboard, but in general I composed like today, with guitar, notebook and pencil. Today I can record individual ideas over the phone or record in my studio.

-And what did you do with all those songs?

-When I realized I had filled both sides of two song cassettes, I wondered what I could do with it. I sang in bars but only made versions; He didn’t make his songs. One day I took the courage to show the songs to someone, even though I was so embarrassed. There I showed them to Rodolfo Lugo, who knew him as a producer and today he is my husband. He took his time to listen to it and asked me to choose three songs and produce them. Were Spring, my poor kingdom Y So much love.

-What did you do with that demo?

-Rodolfo told me that he knew the artistic director of a record label, Luis D’Artagnan Sarmiento, and he took him. He liked him very much and he sent for me to sign a contract. This completely changed my life. Song after song, it was put together and today I continue to work with Rodolfo, after 25 years, making music and dreaming together.

Record with Mercedes Sosa

-Tell me a selection of the great participations you have made with other artists, for example in “Cantora” with Mercedes Sosa.

-Mercedes is a cornerstone of my life, for what it means to me as a singer. The contact was established by Rafa Vila, who was the artistic director of the company. She invited me to have tea at her house. I got there first and we started talking. He told me she had the album project and I invited myself. It was a self-invitation and he accepted. let’s send the song I will never forget you and he likes me. We recorded together and it was beautiful, an amazing experience.

That topic I will never forget you It had many versions. First I recorded a version with Los Nocheros, there was another version in Japan and even a Mexican cumbia.

– Who else did you register with?

-I registered with Abele Pinto, who called me saying he had a song where he only thought about my voice, and proposed to sing it together. It was a total success and I include it in my shows.

I created a theme with David Lebonwho showed me a melody and I wrote him some lyrics that we recorded together, Your love comes from God. It was an honor for me because I am a fan of him, I went to see him in Shams and I also studied in La Escuelita.

With Celia Cruz I didn’t exactly record with her, but I participated in an album that was made in Spain with artists like Rocío Durcal. In Spain I recorded with Rozalén and also with Miliki, who listened to me and called me.

Do you enjoy recording with other people?

-Yup. It is very nice to share music and, in this period of prowess, the collaborations are very good. Young artists do just that and hardly sing alone. It is a back and forth energy that remains forever.


Source: Clarin

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