It became known to whom the scandalous messages published by Negro González Oro were directed

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Two days after the Gonzalez black gold launched a controversial and enigmatic complaint on social networks, Angel of Brito He provided details on the person the accusation would be directed against.

“FP You’re garbage, crook”, wrote this weekend, among other things, the journalist, who has lived in Uruguay since 2020. However, he refused to reveal any further information about the man to whom the initial ones belong.

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“Don’t ask me who the thief is. He knows. Don’t speculate with random names because they can do unnecessary damage. When he decides, I’ll post who he is. But let me decide. Thank you “, she had written a few hours later in front of the cataract of messages asking him to tell what his identity was.

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The truth is that after investigating a few days, De Brito came up with the name of this character who allegedly scammed Negro Oro in Uruguay.

“This is FP is a certain Federicowith whom he would have worked some time ago. It has to do with the world of politics and the media and with which everything rotted “, were the first details provided by the host of THEY (América, at 8 pm), who, questioned by Yanina Latorre, also ruled out that there was any kind of romantic relationship with this person.

“Not only (it rotted) with the Black Gold. There is talk of a scam. He worked with him in Uruguay, “he continued. And he was interrupted by his partner Fernanda Iglesias, who added key information: “(Worked) In a newspaper”

“There is a list of people who want to go out and kill this same FP, because it seems he hasn’t had a problem with just Negro”then assured De Brito, without lowering his polemical tone.

And he added: “There are also other Argentine businessmen involved. There are also other journalists who want to go out and talk about this person.

“Is this person not known?”was consulted by rapporteur Estefanía Berardi, who joined THEY this year. And Ángel concluded: “Not for us, maybe there is”.

What had been the controversial messages of Negro González Oro

This Sunday Negro González Oro exploded on his Instagram account, where he accumulates just over a hundred thousand followers. From Uruguay, where he has lived since he retired from the Argentine media, the radio host launched: “FP You are garbage, swindler, thug, playboy, mythomaniac, thief, mouse. FP”.

And he added, quickly on a black plaque that he posted on his stories: “Thief FP”.

Meanwhile, at the end of 2021, the journalist had targeted who would be the same person to whom his current messages would be directed.

“Really you tired me out with your verses for not paying what you owe me. Soon I publish and give notes to tell everything. And when I say that everything is everything. I got tired “, she had written at that moment.

And he added: “It’s a shame that an honest country like Uruguay has people like you. You’re not doing this country a favor. Faith, that 2022 will be better “.

However, it seems that this year too did not end in the best way for the rider.


Source: Clarin

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