What is the documentary series that Jorge Lanata will stream on?

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Hache. what is not namedthe label’s new documentary series NatGeo original productions, led by the reporter Jorge Lanatawill be previewed in full Star + the October 19.

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Realized by Mandarinthe new production of Seven Episodes will come aboard different social problemsopening up new questions for the future.

In each episode of Hache. what is not named, Lanata raises a “hache”, that is, which is not spoken of, but at the same time the thematic trigger acts as a starting point for an investigation in which the well-known journalist discovers the stories of those who face the new challenges of this centurycrossed by cultural mandates.

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In seven chapters of 40 minutesthe documentary series raises issues related to euthanasia, justice with one’s own hands, the obsession with likes on social mediamental health, among other topics, seeking to reflect on the future and how to continue building it.

In every delivery, Lanata travels to different corners of the American continent -from Salta, Argentina, to Cuernavaca, Mexico- to talk to people from all over the world, leading specialists and figures recognized as influencers Sebastiano Villalobosthe Argentine neuroscience specialist Stanislao Bachrach and the cyber security specialist e big data Israel Mexican Reyes.

Pilots series journalism for all (The thirteen) is part of the growing and robust offering of original content developed by The Walt Disney Company Latin Americaentirely produced in the region which invites debate on reality.

screen change

To the surprise of many, last month Lanata announced the end of Pjournalism for all (PP). Furthermore, he anticipated that his future will not be on traditional television, but on other alternative platforms. On her own, she referred to the fact that his journalistic projects point to a growing format, that of streaming.

«I am already working on a series of documentaries that is now opening in October, it’s called ah …Y we are already recording the second season to start the third later“, he anticipated about the cycle produced by Mandarina for Disney.

“We are also working on other types of content and everything is well on its way to the streaming; a platform on which It works very differently from what it is on current television“, he indicated.

The guest, in addition to doing television, writes for Clarione and has its own daily schedule in radio machine gun during the morning: Wool without filterfor which a few days ago he was awarded at the delivery of the Martín Fierro.

This Sunday, October 9th, PPT was the most viewed of Eltrece, with an average of 7.8 points, and was third in the general classification of the day, behind Passwordwho scored an average of 9 points, andWho is the mask?the big show with celebrities in disguise who commands Natalia Oreirowhich scored 8.1, both Telefe cycles.

Source: Clarin

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