Nicolás Cabré: his new big challenge, the passion that saved his life and why he loves watching Korean soap operas

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Nicola Cabre It is experiencing a great gift personally and professionally. Is that the actor is preparing to debut as a director in a work that he will have Mariano Martinez in the cast, a task that sees him very “excited and busy”.

Meanwhile, it shines on the stage of the Comafi multiteatre a woman hurts mea comedy in which he puts himself in the shoes of a philosophy professor who has been abandoned by his girlfriend and attends therapy to overcome the bad experience.

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But that’s not all work. In dialogue with Clarionethe artist talked about what this new challenge represents, but also about another of his passions, such as for example runninga sport to which he has dedicated himself for seven years and which, according to him, has saved his life.

In addition, he told how he is doing on social networks after his recent arrival on Instagram, where he already has more than 200 thousand followers, and he revealed his love for K-drama, the Korean novels that are in fashion these days and that invaded the platforms.

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– You will soon make your debut as a director and with Mariano Martínez in the cast. What are your feelings?

-It is a new experience, it is something that has moved me, it keeps me busy. It is spectacular, it is a step that I dare to take and being lucky enough to do it next to Mariano gives me a lot of peace of mind, because I also entrust myself to someone who knows me, whom I know a lot … Living it next to him is beautiful. The truth is a step that I have always believed in or that I dreamed that it could be done and that is taking place very calmly and that I am having a lot of fun.

– What’s it like working with Mariano Martínez again?

-We know a lot with Mariano. He gives me great joy and the idea and the reason for the work comes from the desire to work together again. We talked, we met and we said “we have to do something”. I couldn’t, I was with the job a woman hurts me, and I told him to read this that maybe it’s good and the show is very good, it’s a comedy that I had to do. And the only way we could do it was me directing it. It is another way of working together. So some of that comes from the desire to have fun again, the truth is that we had fun.

Are you already trying?

-No, it starts now in November. Now let’s start with some readings to listen to us.

-Have you chosen the cast?

-Yup. In the cast are El Bicho Gómez, Yayo Guridi, María Valenzuela, Gabriela Sari and there are a couple of names that must be finished, but here we are. I’m discovering a world I didn’t belong to. And yes, of course I am there in all decisions. It is good to put some order. I enjoy it and it’s also difficult for me to get out of the role of actor and I’m taking steps, talking about sets, about things. I’ve always been half involved in the same way, it’s not something I haven’t done, but I enjoy it.

-Speaking of new worlds… you recently opened an Instagram account, beyond the fake account that was running around, why did you do it?

-Because there was no way to stop them (fake profiles). We tried to stop him and there was no way. And the only way there was was to get out. You say it’s you and then do what you want. It was actually a bit like that. Then I started, I don’t know if I liked it, but I was surprised. The truth is that I get a lot of love and there is a closeness to people who are good. I say some things, I try to be useful for others.

-You’ve always had a low profile and now you open up a little more …

-Yes, it is because of this proximity. It’s still me, I’m not going to tell or show. There is also my daughter who tells me things … But people ask me. I also like to show some of the sporty side and try to support the sport and throw in some tips from time to time that may be helpful. It happens naturally. The truth is I get a lot of good vibes in the comments, I enjoy it. I don’t read anything bad.

-Have you ever had an account with another name even if it was to follow your family and friends?

-No, it’s hard for me. Sometimes my friends get back to me out there and it’s weird, talk to me on WhatsApp, what do I know. There is still something I don’t quite understand. Even though I look and I’m there, I’m not even that aware of it. I keep talking about things on WhatsApp, but what do I know, I enjoy it.

-Tell me about running, which is another of your passions

– Seven years ago I started and I think it saved my life. It’s something that I really like, that I really like, that is good for me physically and for my head. The truth is that it gives me a lot of joy. It was born out of a desire to spend more time with Rufi and the way I had to do it was to quit smoking, start playing sports and suddenly I discovered something that makes me very happy. Today I get up and train and I always do something and I have made a group of friends where we talk about shoes, about competitions, we spend all day in the open air. I have discovered something that makes me very happy, that is good for me and brings me together with the people who do me good. I really like.

-You recently shared a photo on Instagram where you could see in the background that you were watching a Korean series, do you consume k-dramas?

-Yes, I love Korean novels. I consume everything, Korean I tell you everything, they do amazing things, they are impossible to replicate here. There are programs like Mr. SunThey are things of absolute beauty. If you don’t watch Korean much, watch it. There are a lot of them, there are programs that you realize have something else, how fictions are directed going to hell. It’s not just the squid game. The production, the money, what they do, what the kids do, between the dynasties. There are many that you take off your hat.

“A woman hurts me”, the show that plays in Corrientes street

a woman hurts me is the protagonist Nicolás Cabré, Mercedes Funes and Carlos Portaluppi. Directed by Manuel González Gil, Facundo Calvo and Sol Loureiro complete the cast. And the comedy has just celebrated its 200 performances at the Comafi Multiteatro.

a woman hurts me tells the story of Miguel Sánchez, a young philosophy professor, abandoned by his girlfriend Paula, will continue until December on Corrientes Avenue and will return in January.


Source: Clarin

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