Mirko’s amazing themed party for her birthday

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Mirko turned five and Marley celebrated him big time with a party at his house set in cartoons in which he attended Georgina Barbarossa, Noelia Marzol, Vicky Xipolitakis and Belén Francese, Coco Fernández and Darío Turovelzky, among other celebrities.

The theme was responsible Nickelodeonthe children’s television channel basicwho drove into the garden of the driver’s house Phone a real television studio with spectacularity game scenarios like the restaurant itself sea ​​sponge.

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In addition, the pool has been covered with a tarp to be able to walk on it, there were all kinds of games and several children’s entertainers who organized it all, a room called “Slime experience”, to create their own elastic jelly, there were many of Nickelodeon’s best known characters.

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The three-tiered cake pretended to be Bikini Bottom’s underwater city (Bikini Bottom, in English), where Spongebob livesand the sweet cookies that were handed out were shaped like the characters in the series. Mirko was delighted!

There was also the dog Blue cluessome characters of the urban patrollike Marshall and Chase. He was also Patrick star and much sea ​​sponge.

The souvenir bags included for children who attended Marley’s son’s birthday sweets of all kindsPAW Patrol toys, like watches and dollsand Baby Shark accessories.

Among others gifts received by the birthday boy there was a very special one. It was the one made by Vicky Xipolitakis with her son, Salvador Urieland it was nothing more and nothing less than a giant basketball hoop.

“I am now 5 years old! My friends at Nickelodeon gave me a fantastic surprise for my birthday! This Saturday I was able to celebrate my birthday with my friends and it was amazing. I played the funniest games and ate the tastiest things of all! These are some of the funniest moments of the party! Thanks @nickelodeonla! “, Were the words that Marley chose to thank on behalf of her son through social networks.

Source: Clarin

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