Fer Vázquez: the accident that changed his life and why he quarreled with Emilia Mernes and Agustín Casanova

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It is in a new phase I rumbled. That’s how it counts Fer Vazquezcreator and currently the only frontman of the band who now defines his music as “urban cumbia” and who even allows himself to experiment with new genres, different from those sounds that exploded in all the parties of 2015, when they started.

On the other hand, this relaunch is also explained by the fact that more than two years have passed – pandemic in between – that they have not made great live presentations and above all because of the brutal accident that Vázquez suffered in mid-2021, while was traveling by car with friends in Miami, the city where he lived, when, avoiding colliding with another car, he crashed into a pole and was unconscious, with a head injury and blood loss.

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“It was a very difficult personal moment, but also one of many lessons”tells the Uruguayan singer of Clarionecalmly, but with the certainty that it came out very difficult.

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-What teachings did he leave you?

-It was a period of many thoughts, conscience, soul, inward journey … It helped me a lot, I worked a lot as a person. Now I evaluate the things that I previously considered obvious, such as the problem of being in good health, of being able to walk without problems. I feel more grateful and live life 100% and in the present time. I think it reflects vigorously.

“Rombai, party!”was the slogan that identified Rombai in his beginnings, when Fer was a vocal duo with Camila Rajchman and they grew hand in hand with songs like Madness with you, even with me Y Crazy night, who performed together with Márama, Agustín Casanova’s band that had Vázquez as a producer.

The relationship with Agustín, after several songs in collaboration and more presentations together, it broke and did not end in the best way.

Then, after Rajchman’s departure, Rombai joined in 2016 Emilia Mernes and the entrerriana was paired with Vázquez, with whom she also began a romantic relationship, which ended – with conflicts – a few years later. Subsequently, the trio format would arrive, together with the Colombian Valeria Emiliani and the Bolivian Megumi Bowles. And from 2019 Fer continues his solo career.

“There were stages. I started with a band, then we were a duo, three frontmen … I learned everything. And now I’m on a solo stage and I feel very comfortable. It happened of course. I feel I have learned a lot over the years to be with the tools and safe as a frontman “explains Fer and then jumps to the topic of conflicts with his former teammates.

The crossing with Emilia and Casanova came after his statements in an interview that aroused the anger of the two musicians, who came out to respond with everything on social media.

“I think he misunderstood what I meant. I am very happy with everything he is getting. He seems super deserved to me because I know everything he’s worked for. We started together and I saw all the desire he had and we always confided in the team that he would go very far because of his desire, his energy, his charisma. I think he misunderstood … I think the word “create” bothered him, because I said that I had created the Márama and Rombai projects. It was believed that he created it. “details on Emilia.

Source: Clarin

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