The Pole premiered “I don’t want to see you anymore”, the video of his song with China Suárez

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The Polish Invited Eugenia China Suarez to register your new cumbia song and the actress did not shine only in singing but also in the video clip.

The long-awaited collaboration between the famous artists won the favor of their fans, who manifested at the social networks with good vibes messages.

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“What a lovely couple! I loved this work Eugenio and Eze. Congratulations! Excellent production “,”Sounds like the cumbiazos from before, when you wanted summer “and” I liked it! Beautiful Chinese voice. I applaud the duo!“, were just some of the comments under the video clip that premiered this Friday on all digital platforms.

The song, which is about a heartbreak and the vain attempts of a man to win back a woman, has fragments worth analyzing on both sides.

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“Don’t insist on me anymore, I don’t want to see you anymore”sings China Suarez. “The phone It is suspended, it is no longer waiting, I have loved you in a billion ways “adds in another verse.

While the Pole replies: “Baby, please don’t be like that. I don’t understand anything you say. You can tell a different story even if I know I made you happy. “.

In the video, which begins with a phone call from the Polish to China, the actress is also seen dressed differently do you livewith her classic straight hair and a slightly vengeful demeanor after suffering an a amorous disappointment.

At some point in the song they meet face to face and although he tries an approach, it doesn’t happen until the end of the video, when they do they appear very caramelized dancing.

However, the story ends in the worst way. It is that at the end of the song, Rusherking’s current girlfriend says goodbye to the Pole with a rather obscene gesture. In detail, Eugenia leaves getting fucked.

“If I’m not mistaken, since China was born as a singer, it’s the first business that will bring together a consecrated and popular artist like El Polaco “, said Luli Fernández in the aria of show partner (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11) as soon as it became known about the collaboration of the actress.

Then, the speaker of El Trece also reported: “The images of what will be the video clip have already been recorded. Some neighbors banfield, this is exclusive. Everything is ready and they say it will be a success “.

From QatarAlthough he traveled for reasons still unknown, the ex-wife of Benjamín Vicuña shared in her stories on Instagram the link to the video clip she made with the Pole, which is worth clarifying is not separated from Barby Silenzi, as it was said. for several days. makes portals.

From the entrance of a mosque, Eugenia sang one of her parts of the songjust what it says: “The phone hung up, it’s no longer on hold, I loved you in a billion ways. You were selfish and now you want me again. I’m tired of crying for you. You’re already out of your mind. ”

At present, China has not confirmed the reasons for its trip to the headquarters of the World Cup which starts in a few weeks. However, many of his fans assure that she has traveled on a project that she will lead with the platform. Star +.

Source: Clarin

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