The Exorcist, the cursed horror film back in theaters: anecdotes from the shooting and the spinning head

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The classic of the horror film The exorcistreleased in 1973 and directed by William Friedkin, returned to Argentine cinemas since yesterday, Thursday.

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With Linda Blair, Max von Sydow and Ellen Burstyn, she won two Oscars out of a total of ten nominations and It is considered to be one of the best horror films in history..

It won the Oscar for Best Non-Original Screenplay (William Peter Blatty) and Best Sound. Nominations included Best Picture and Best Director (William Friedkin).

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terrible anecdotes

Today, special effects seem almost childish, but at the time they were very effective. The famous rotating head and speaks with the voice of the devil is simply a doll, whose shots have been interrupted with those of Linda Blair, until it seems that it is her own head that is spinning.

The scene where the girl vomits on Father Karras was actually a lucky mistake. In theory, the vomit was supposed to hit Karras in the chest, but one wrong move in the tube caused it to fall all over his face. His expression of fear when he was hit and that of disgust when he cleaned up provided a plus of realism. And he stayed.

Another detail is that in the film we see how the bed the girl is in makes numerous movements. To achieve this effect, they had to build three different beds so that each of them performed a different movement.

According to Linda Blair, she injured her back when part of the set broke when she threw herself on the bed.

Regan’s (Linda Blair) bedroom had to be refrigerated to capture the true mist of the actors’ breath in the exorcism scenes. The main actress, who wore only a thin nightgown, claims that during the filming she could not stand the cold and to this day she cannot tolerate the cold.

the cursed strip

Strange shadows, surprise deaths, an eccentric director and an uncontrolled fire surrounded the filming of the most famous horror film of all time.

Filming began on August 14, 1972, and as soon as it started, strange noises and some technicians claimed to have seen stealthy shadows. The director and screenwriter tried to reassure the team by ensuring they had only been suggested, but rumors began that the film was cursed.

To make matters worse, only a few days before filming began the decoration of the house caught fire of the possessed girl, and three workers died. The flames devoured everything except the room where the exorcism was performed. The skills ensured that a pigeon entered the place and, frightened, caused a short circuit. Just in case, many have started to mark themselves.

The fire forced filming to be postponed for six weeks, and just when it looked like they could easily resume, actor Max Von Sydow asked for a leave because his brother was dead. Days later, Linda Blair also lost a few days, her grandfather was dead.

In addition, some actors like Jack MacGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros died before the premiere, one of the technicians was killed and the night watchman who guarded the studio was found dead. The death also touched Jason Miller, another of the protagonists: his son was in serious condition after the accident with his motorcycle

What’s the movie about?

The film is an adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s novel inspired by a real exorcism that took place in Washington in 1949.

Regan MacNeil is a girl who suffers from demonic possession at the age of 12. Her mother, terrified, after having subjected her daughter to multiple medical tests that yield no results, goes to a priest with psychiatric studies. The latter, convinced that evil is not physical but spiritual, believes that it is a diabolical possession and decides to practice an exorcism.

Although the doctors believed that the minor had a brain injury, Father Karras discovers that it is a paranormal situation, so he asks for Merrin’s help to initiate an exorcism.

The exorcist manages its supernatural theme with magical effects, stunning special effects and a spooky atmosphere, resulting in one of the scariest movies of all time

The new version

In a couple of weeks, the shooting of the remake of the 1973 film, which has become a cult, begins. It will be released next year will be part of a trilogy. Directed by David Gordon Green

“We start in a couple of weeks and are ready to roll up our sleeves and dive into the next big franchise,” Green confirmed in an interview with Variety. Taking advantage of the premiere of Halloween endsthe director has announced the new project of which he is also director.

“We have an incredible cast forming and several scripts that we are all excited about,” he said of the ongoing pre-production.


Source: Clarin

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