Coldplay in Argentina: I met Jin, from BTS, who will sing The Universe with them and will preview a theme

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And suddenly, in addition to the cold craze unsurprisingly these days, boys and girls abound waving purple colors … Why? The young audience knows this, but for the older ones it is worth clarifying: it is for the presence of Seok-jin (only jin in Planet BTS) In our country.

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The member of BTS, the large Korean group responsible for what is known as K-Pop, is in the country to perform on Friday, October 27, along with Chris Martin, in a new presentation of Coldplay in River. together they will sing the Universethe first collaboration between the two bands and will be premiered The Astronautthe song he wrote with Martin.

ARMY (acronym for Adorable Representative MC for Youth, which can be translated as Adorable representative ceremonial master for young people), this is the name of the fans who die for the K-pop group.

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And yes, the group will be Made in Koreabut his success is so global that it was enough to announce that he would be at Monumental with Coldplay, what happened.

Immediately, the organization made a residual of tickets available to the public, local ARMY fans bought tickets and sold out seats to see the show in Cinemark, Hoyts and Cinépolis theaters, which they will broadcast it live on the big screenas will happen all over the world.

Another fact that illustrates the phenomenon of youth hysteria: upon arriving in the country, for security reasons, Jin had to leave the airport through a secondary access closed to the public.

At this point, BTS, more than one of the most popular and best-selling bands in the world, is a global cultural phenomenon. This is how it should be defined, with the due economic impact: it is estimated that, per year, they exceed a collection of more than $ 1 billion, not to mention natural marketing, which means South Korea for “the brand of the country”.

Jim’s presentation with Coldplay has an advantage for fans of the Korean band: will be one of the lastat least for a while. It’s that the kids grow up and Jim – who will turn 30 on December 4th – it was time to do the militaryas they would say in Spain, the Dove among us military service. 21 months of uniform await him.

First of all the actor

Although Jim’s dream was to become an actor, one day he had the opportunity to join BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan, in English Bulletproof Boyscouts or Bulletproof Boyscouts) and the 21-year-old had to learn to sing and dance.

“I don’t want to be a burden to my teammates, so I usually go to practice an hour earlier and stay longer after they finish to keep training,” he explained of his formative years.

“When I started training to make my debut as an artist, I dreamed of being able to attract an audience of a thousand people. That was my goal in those days, “she told the magazine. Rolling Stone.

All BTS members are preparing to join the army. Ten days ago, they released a statement that said:

“BTS member Jin will ask to cancel his military enlistment delay at the end of October and then follow the military human resources administration enlistment process. The other members will then continue with their enlistments according to their individual plans.” .

at Cinema

The band organized a live broadcast of their show on Friday 28 October in cinemas around the world, which also includes Buenos Aires.

The official list that the British group has published with locations in more than 70 countries to follow the concert shows that tickets can be obtained in Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina. in the Cinemark, Hoyts and Cinépolis chains. Tickets cost 2,500 pesos.

Those who get tickets will also be able to see the band the invited national artist Zoe Gotuso and the international opening act HERas stated in a note.


Source: Clarin

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