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Who was Lee Ji Han, the Korean actor who died in the human stampede that killed 151 people during a Halloween celebration in South Korea


After the tragic stampede during the Halloween celebrations in the Itaewon district of the South Korean capital Seoul, where at least 151 people died and another 150 were injured, the death of the famous actor has been confirmed. Lee Jihan (24) former program participant “Produce 101 Season 2“.

Production company 935 Entertainment, of which Lee Ji Han belonged, confirmed the news through a statement on social media. The young man had made his debut as an actor in the series “Today was another Nam Hyun day“in 2019.

“It’s heartbreaking to greet you with sad news. Actor Lee Ji Han, a valued member of the family of 935 Entertainment and 9Ato Entertainment, has become a star in the sky and left us, “he reports on Instagram.

The particular and sad detail of the post is that the photo chosen is only black, a clear sign of mourning.

“We express the maximum condolences to bereaved families who are deeply saddened by the sudden loss and to all those who love, love and grieve along with actor Lee Ji Han, “continues the caption.

He says the actor “was a friendly and warm friend to everyone”. “Infinitely bright and innocent, who always smiled brightly and bravely greeted each other, was so good in his eyes, and it’s hard to believe we won’t be able to see him anymore,” they complain.

“We also hoped it wasn’t true, and we were very surprised to hear the news,” added the producer. “From 935 Entertainment and 9 Ato Entertainment, we will long remember the image of the actor, which he shone beautifully with his passion for acting“they continued.

“Once again, we offer our deepest condolences to the deceased his last trip“, concludes the text.

According to Wikipedia, the most recognized encyclopedia on the Internet, “Produce 101 Season 2” is a survival reality show South Korean television network Mnet.

“Unlike last season, this time the participants are male. The show offers the public the opportunity to “produce” a K-pop boy band, choosing the concept, the debut song and the name “, reads the description of the show.

Many of his own peers like Park Hee Seok and Kim Do Hyun, they also expressed themselves on Instagram. “Ji Han left this world and went to a better place. Please come and say hello on his last trip, “Park Hee Sok wrote.

For his part, Kim Do Hyun posted: “My condolences to those who left at the beginning of the Itaewon incident. You can’t even imagine the pain of the family.”

the deadly escape

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has announced the start of a period of national mourning due to the fatal human escape and promised a “thorough investigation” into its causes.

He ordered to execute a emergency operation to provide first aid for those affected and who have hospital beds and care.

In videos shared on social networks, emergency teams are shown practicing resuscitation maneuvers on dozens of people on Itaewon’s sidewalks. But within a few hours, those lines had turned into lines of corpses, huddled in the streets and covered with some makeshift blankets.

The causes of the accident are still being investigated, but it took place in an alley in the downtown district, reported by the fire brigade. 50 cases of cardiorespiratory arrest originally, as well as a huge demand for medical services.

In addition, there are around 400 rescuers from all over the country who have been deployed to the capital to help treat the injured.


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