Santiago del Moro has communicated the official position of Big Brother on the arrest of Thiago’s father

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Santiago del Moroat the second elimination gala, he took a moment to mark the position of Big Brother (Telefe) on the arrest of Julio Ricardo Medina, Thiago’s father, after being denounced by his stepdaughter, Camila Ayelén Deniz, for being beaten and threatened.

“Obviously I wanted to clarify one thing please a minute, “the driver asked, in the middle of the program.

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“Since everything that has happened in the last few hours with Thiago’s family is in the public domain, we wanted to inform all of you that the production of the entire program follow the corresponding protocol that is provided in these cases “Del Moro said.

And he continued: “We are in constant communication with the familygiving him all the support and the appropriate follow-up for this very delicate situation “.

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“A shocking event, a complaint that runs its course … there was an arrest of Thiago’s father. And he works by activating all the corresponding protocols with his family. And we are also present with him. There is no need to worry about this, even behind it “, concluded Del Moro.

In social networks, before Del Moro’s word, many speculated the possibility that since the production of Big Brother He calls Thiago into the confessional to tell him about the situation his family has experienced.

However, from the pilot’s statements it is clear that the production still does not consider what happened as a “force majeure event” – as established by the reality show regulations – to break the participant’s isolation.

Thiago’s father, arrested for gender-based violence

Julio Ricardo Medina, father of the GH participant, was arrested and charged this Sunday, October 30, with gender-based violence.

The 54-year-old man was denounced by his stepdaughter, Camila Ayelén Deniz, after suffering blows and threatsas reported to the Women’s Police Headquarters.

The police report shows that Julio Ricardo Medina entered the family home in González Catán, “in a state of intoxication and began to quarrel” with his daughter, Brisa Medina, in whom he interceded his brother Lautaro Cáceres, whom the attacker “tried to hang”.

Then, according to the complainant, he woke up “following several screams” and went to the defense of his brothers. But her stepfather started to attack her with his fists. Eventually, the victim managed to get out and take refuge in a neighbor’s house.

According to reports, someone called the emergency health services and police personnel and an ambulance came to provide medical assistance.


Source: Clarin

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