Big Brother 2022: it became known why the production did not tell Thiago about his father’s arrest

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The news of the arrest Giulio MedinaThiago’s father, one of the favorite participants of the people in Big Brotherdenounced by one of the sisters of the cartonero of the house for gender-based violence, aroused controversy for the attitude of the production of the Telefe program, which did not inform the player of the family situation he experienced in his home.

There were also many comments on social media when in last Sunday’s program, Santiago del Moro rejected the participants after the elimination of Martinaand about the end, a few seconds before the end of the broadcast Thiago is heard to send greetings to his father “because he is birthday”. Obviously he knew nothing of the assault on his brothers, much less that he had been arrested.

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“I want to clarify what the protocol is about Big Brother. Many yesterday speculated on the networks, and they do not have to know, what the program does in these situations. Participants sign the contract e each of the boys is asked what news they should break the isolation with“He explained Angel of Brito in THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm).

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“If a family member dies, if a tragedy occurs, everyone responds for the reason they want and it is foreseen by the contract, which is why Thiago was not informed of what happened. It is not in his contract that his father was jailed or that there was an act of family violence“, commented the reporter.

“I don’t know in Thiago’s case what he specifically specified. But the production usually breaks the isolation when a specific episode is stipulated by contract. This is set by the participant and although it is impossible to foresee all the variations, in this case there was already a history of cases of violence by the father within his family“, he analyzed, so Thiago could have foreseen that this could have happened.

After Ángel de Brito’s comment, he was her partner Andrea Taboada who added that he had just spoken Gaston Trezeguethistorical producer of the program, who had assured him they still hadn’t made up their minds on what to do with Thiago.

However, the driver was energetic with his information. “Those who run the program told me Thiago would not have been informed of this in any way, because it is not in the contract. Beyond this particular episode, the entertainment of Big Brother it’s that kids are isolated, because that’s what generates what’s going on inside, “he said.

“It seems logical to me why Thiago knows his family better than any of usthat we know nothing about them. Only what we have perceived and seen, “he said Viviana Colmenerowho won the competition a few years ago and participated in the debate.

“Justo Thiago sent his best wishes to his father on his birthday. Del Moro does not win for dislikes in this programI didn’t know what to tell him. Since it just happened at the last minute, he will send greetings to his father “, concluded the driver with irony.

The arrest of Giulio Medina

Last Sunday the news broke it Julio Ricardo Medina was arrested after being denounced by his stepdaughter Camila Ayelén Deniz, after having suffered blows and threats. Thiago’s older sister appeared at the women’s police station, where she explained in detail what the incident was like.

According to police records, his stepfather entered the family home in González Catán “while intoxicated and started arguing” with his daughter. breeze of the medinain which he interceded his brother Lautaro Cáceres, to whom the attacker “tried to hang him”.

According to the complainant, she woke up “following several screams” and defended her brothers. But her stepfather started to attack her with his fists. Eventually, the victim managed to get out and take refuge in a neighbor’s house.


Source: Clarin

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