Julia Roberts said she was born with the help of Martin Luther King

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Famous American actress Julia Roberts was born with the help of famous human rights activist Martin Luther King. and his wife, as the Hollywood star revealed in an interview on CNN.

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According to the American media, it all started when a Twitter user shared a compilation video about Julia Roberts, the protagonist of Pretty Woman (the film with Richard Gere that brought her to international stardom), in which he referred to Martin Luther King he had paid the expenses of the actress’s birth.

Shortly after, on October 28, on the occasion of Roberts’ 55th birthday, the actress shared the story of his birth in an interview with reporter Gayle King.

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How the events happened

Julia Roberts later explained that Martin Luther King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, he took care of hospital expensessince her parents couldn’t pay the bill, the chain says.

My parents had an acting school in Atlanta called Actors and Writers Workshop, Roberts said.

One day, Coretta Scott King called my mother and asked her if her children could go to school because they were having a hard time finding a place that would accept them. “

Roberts’ mother said yes and thus began the friendship between civil rights leaders and Walter and Betty Lou Robertsthe parents of the Hollywood star.

As described by the actress herself, this led the Kings to pay for the birth of the woman who in a few years would become an international star. “They helped us out of a traffic jam”Julia Roberts said.

A star who doesn’t want to be famous

Christened by the American press as “the love of America”, Julia Roberts turned 55 on October 28. She now she tries to evaluate very carefully what job you want to do. The few times she sits down to talk about her private life, she makes it clear that her family is first on the list of priorities, her husband Danny Moder and their 3 children, twins Finn and Hazel (17) and Henry (15).

Roberts doesn’t think she’s called less because she’s over 50, but there are few scripts offered that are interesting for you how to avoid raising your own children.

Julia Roberts once confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she does not agree with the idea of ​​belonging to the Hollywood show business and move around the city of Los Angeles like a celebrity. That part of the “show business” is not for him.

“I’m a bad celebrity”, I assure. A lot of attention makes her a little anxious and, although she has a villa in Malibu, she prefers to spend more time in a house they bought in San Francisco, but especially on the New Mexico ranch where she mostly raised her children and that there. actress calls her place in the world.

Speaking of them, of her children, Julia likes that they were able to grow up without spending all the time circling her calendar of Hollywood actresses. She makes her laugh remembering the day they found out she was famous. And an hour later they were back on the subject. “Are you more famous than Taylor Swift?”

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Source: Clarin

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