Pitty the numerologist taped a hidden camera and listened to an employee: “Enough with these shitty people”

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Veronica Asad, known in the media as Pitty the numerologist, made a escrache against Gisela Marta Irusiaone of his former employees who He took care of social media.

The numerology expert recorded a hidden camera in which he confronted his former employee because, according to her, he was cheating on her. “Why did you steal me?”you can see that he asked him bluntly in the video he shared in his stories on Instagram.

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“Actually because I needed it. Not for anything else. If I had gone to talk to you face to face it would have been different. But he had already sent it to me. It was a turning point and now that’s why I came “, the young woman managed to reply.

So, Pitty differentiated her from the rest of her employees, with whom she never had a problem: “They are honest people who come to work for their salary. They have children like you and me. I have children, I have sick parents, I have many people I care for. It’s not the way. “

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“I’m not going to teach you about life, but I inform you that you have missed a great opportunity in your life. And that this does not happen “, warned the numerologist the employee, who exposed her followers by putting a photo of her with her name and her identity document.

In another story, the young woman explained to Pitty how she had deceived her clients and told him that the money had been transferred to an account in her name. “Look, what I was asking for was the CBU,” you can hear.

Give me back the money you stole on my behalf, from numerologist Pitty. Give me my money back, because you took the job against the trust I gave you to run my networks and people buy from Pitty. Give me that money, do you have any idea how much money you stole? Didn’t you say that? “, The professional scolded her.

“Mmm, no. From here (pointing to the cell phone) I know,” the young woman nervously reported, assuring that her granddaughter, who is of age, is also involved.

An assistant of Pitty’s tried to mediate and proposed solutions for the former employee to pay her what he had extracted from her money.

“Can’t you make a transfer from an ATM? He says he will return the money but you don’t know how many people have been scammed. What the prosecutor asked, yes or yes, is the kidnapping of your phone “, she commented. But Gisela got up:” No, not that. I cannot remain incommunicado “

The truth is, after a while, Pitty shared another image of the scammer and passed on his data. Furious, the numerologist elaborated: “Enough of these shitty people, you idiot. “


Source: Clarin

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