The October rating: driven by Big Brother, Telefe remains the leader

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October has passed, time for balance and one thing is clear: driven by the resounding success of Big Brother and its satellitesGH, we explain the house Y GH, the night of the ex) Telefe prevailed in the monthly measurement.

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Just see each station’s most popular programs to check it out. In the ranking of the most followed of the month the podium was left to Home. In the first place it was Big Brother (with an average of 19 points). follows him GH, we explain the house (17)while in third place it is GH, the night of the ex (12.6) Telefe prevailed in the monthly measurement.

For his part, the thirteen-year-old, the main rival in the tug-of-war with the leader, had prevailed The 8 million steps its best performing program, averaging 9.3 points; by the way, the same figure that ended up measuring the Pasapalabra, famous special by Telefe. This parity places both cycles in seventh place in the monthly ranking.

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Most viewed of the month

1 °) Big Brother (Phone), 19.0

2 °) GH, we explain the house (Phone), 17.0

3 °) GH, the night of the ex (Phone), 12.6

4th) Pluto TV presents: Let’s spy on the house (Phone), 11.5

5th) Telefe news (Phone), 10.6

6 °) Zuleyha (Phone), 9.7

7 °) The 8 million steps (the thirteen), 9.3

Pasapalabra, famous special (Phone), 9.3

9) Password (Phone), 9.1

10 °) PH, we can talk (Phone), 8.9

GHa phenomenon with no expiration date

Years pass and the phenomenon seems to have no expiration date: the patriarch of reality TV continues to prove himself stainless. How come? Because it’s been 21 years since – March 10, 2001, what a year! – Home opened its doors for the first time on Argentine television.

That is to say, for more than two decades the public has continued to want to see what it does, what it says and – most importantly – how all those people fight in a house that is guarded 24/7.

Guest Star, Alfa

You know, at least this time, We are all sorry to talk about Alpha. The 60-year-old man, billed simply as “the oldest of the 18 participants” of the reality show Telefe, has become a key player in the game. But not because of his playful strategy – in case he had one – but because his presence alone kicked several boards. Tables of “the interior”, as indicated by the colloquial language of GHas from “outside”.

Those who follow the most watched program on TV day by day, with an average of around 20 evaluation points – a very high figure for the short time they run –, are witnesses of how his footprint on the game board has changed. He did not get along very well from the beginning, neither among his colleagues, nor among those who comment on TV on the networks, as amateurs on the sidelines.

channel by channel

Revised the numbers of Telefe, here is a detail of the most viewed programs on each channel.

The thirteen: The 8 million steps (9.3), The one in charge (8.6) Y journalism for all (8.4).

The nine: blessed (4), soap opera at noon (3) Y central soap opera (2.8).

America: THEY (3.2), in the afternoon (2.9) And intruders (2.7).

Public TV: Final TC (1.8), The podium of the CT (1.7) Y The previous CT (1.1).

TV network: The Lord of Heaven (net) (0.7), remodel (D)(0.6) And Empire-representative (0.5)

BravoTV: Brazil Avenue (0.3), distilled love (0.3) Y Bravo Argentina (0.1)

Source: Clarin

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