Maxi López and Daniela Christiansson have revealed the sex of the baby they are expecting

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Maxi López and Daniela Christiansson have revealed the sex of the baby they are expecting. They chose to advertise it from a smart video in which the children that the former football player had with Wanda Nara participate.

When Daniela Christiansson was already three months pregnant last September, she and her partner Maxi López made it public that they were expecting their first child together. Now, they have turned to the networks to reveal the sex of the baby.

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In the post in which they give all these details, we see an exciting video starring Maxi, Daniela and the three children that the former football player had with Wanda Nara: Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto.

The images are accompanied by the following text: “And it’s … scroll left. We share so much happiness, that even Kika jumps in excitement! Watch her reaction and happiness at the end of the video”.

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In the garden, Maxi’s older and younger children hold a pink and a blue balloon respectively. Constantino, for his part, has a ball and on three he kicks it in the air and a pink rain falls to announce that a girl will be born. While everyone hugs and celebrates, Kika appears, the little dog who literally joins the party by jumping on her owners and running around the garden.

In addition to the video, Daniela Christiansson shared a photo of the gender reveal party on her Instagram account. The whole family posed next to a table decorated in blue and pink with everything ready to enjoy a delicious snack: sweets, cakes, drinks and cupcakes.

The love story of Maxi López and Daniela Christiansson

Maxi López and Daniela Christiansson have been together for 8 years and in May 2021 he proposed to marry her at her 30th birthday party. There, in front of all the guests, the former footballer surprised the model by giving her her ring.

Born in Sweden, Daniela Christiansson had to overcome a very important obstacle in her love affair with López: language. She explained in an interview: “In the beginning we only communicated with signs”. But since love can do anything, they have found a way to overcome the difficulty: they communicate in Italian, a language they both know.

But not only the language marked the difference between Maxi and Daniela, a person completely foreign to Argentine customs. However, as López said some time ago, she “has adapted very well”. It seems she has come to love two classics in her life: roasts with friends and mate.

Daniela, for her part, when asked what it is like to be in a relationship with someone who already has three children from a previous marriage, says that this is not a problem for her since everyone gets along very well.

In fact, when the former football player and the Swedish model announced the pregnancy with a sentence as short as it is eloquent – “We are about to have a baby” -, also Wanda Nara, who was able to have serious conflicts with her ex-husband and father. of three of his children expressed his joy. She then wrote to them in the networks: “Congratulations, the family is expanding”.


Source: Clarin

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