Kanye West announced 30 days of abstinence from sex, alcohol and networking

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Rapper and designer Kanye West, 45, after his controversial anti-Semitic statements, shared a series of tweets in which he revealed that he will keep a special fast and that will remain silent, without drinking and without sexual intercourse.

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“I will not speak for a month. I’m doing a 30 day quick verbal cleanup. No alcohol, no adult movies, and no sex. “Now, that quick pop isn’t about his twitter” which is still active, “he said, suggesting that Kanye West will continue to be active on social networks during his particular cleanup. .

West’s Instagram account has been restricted again this Monday, Oct. 31, following its last reported violation of the platform’s policies. “We removed content from @kanyewest for violating our policies and imposing an account restriction,” Meta’s spokesperson told Complex.

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“We can restrict accounts when they repeatedly violate our rules; for example, we may temporarily stop them from posting, commenting or sending direct messages. ”This block came after Instagram and Twitter imposed temporary restrictions following its anti-Semitic comments posted in early October.

Financial crisis

Now, sources close to Kanye West’s finances have noted that of the top five sources of income, four are seriously undermined by his anti-Semitic and white supremacist comments.

The advanced Page Six site that could be the West a few months after a terminal financial crisis while companies abandon the rapper and industry figures condemn him. “Even if you have a lot of money on hand, you also have big expenses that could put you at a financial crossroads if you don’t find a way to change things.”

In recent years, his contract with Adidas and The Gap and his music catalog have been instrumental in his sources of income.

For now, Adidas has announced that after the end of their multimillion-dollar Yeezy sneakers deal, it would end its relationship with West. In a statement, the company said it “does not tolerate anti-Semitism or any other type of hate speech and Ye’s recent statements and actions are unacceptable, hateful and dangerous“.

Adidas called the rapper’s statements “a violation of the company’s values, which are diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness. After careful consideration, the company has decided to end the partnership with Ye with immediate effect.”

The decision came after the German company received a flood of calls from celebrities to terminate the relationship with Ye that it was reportedly already reviewing following anti-Semitic remarks in early October.

For its part, The Gap has also terminated the two-year contract with the rapper and although it still owes him some of the money raised by the YeezyxGAP products it sold between September and last Tuesday, November 1, when it announced that it would withdraw products from the shelves on the in the wake of West’s controversial statements.


Source: Clarin

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