Big Brother 2022: Gustavo Conti showed which company became the first reality house

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The house from which it develops Big Brother It has always been a great puzzle for the followers of the program. Since the debut of the reality show here in Argentina, back in 2001, there was a lot of interest in knowing how many rooms it had, its services, the games room and the entertainment for the participants, in addition to the swimming pool, the garden, the kitchen and the famous confessional

In his role as a program speaker in which several former program participants participate, such as Ximena Capristo, Cristian U, Diego Leonardi and Nadia Epsteinwas Gustavo Conti which surprised many fans by showing it in a video that he uploaded to his TikTok account photo of the “old house”where the first three editions took place.

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“Friends, do you know where I am? In the old house Big Brother. This is the old house where we were, where we lived”, Conti said sadly, as he toured the different parts of what is now a bar. Currently the premises maintain the dimensions of the old house, but only the windows of the time are recognizable.

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Now it’s a bar here on Telefe. There was what was the confessional. This is the exit from the garden and there was the kitchen, ”he described as he proceeded on his tour.There was the swimming pool, there was the cow, here is a teacher who works. Here we see the rooms and the windows, which is the only thing left of what used to be the house, “she added during her tour.

Here was the bathroom and this camera you see here was definitely used with us twenty years ago. here it is Big Brother 1, 2, 3 and I don’t know if even the fourth edition. Vamooooosss again, “he closed enthusiastically.

The video had a lot of repercussions among the actor’s followers. Many have even written comments on the emotions this generated in him. “You mean to tell me I went to the wrong house screaming for two weeks?”one of the users joked. Others, for their part, stressed that they have never noticed a change of house between one edition and another.

In any case, and beyond the fact that it was a joke about the follower who remarked that he had screamed in the wrong house, the location of the location of the “little brothers” has taken on a lot of relevance during this edition. Not only they yelled at Coti that she was “a traitor”but also from afar there was a “Voted for Lucila and Mora”, where they informed the others of their strategy.

A tiktoker, a helicopter and a drone to enter the house

Although there were always attempts to break into the house somehow, it had never happened like this season, that someone would climb up the walls and throw something into the garden, like Wandii did, a famous influencer who is characterized by sneaking into important public events. In this case the young man threw a shirt with his name on him and was sued for the production of the cycle.

In 2007 Viviana Canosaas a new driver of professionals forever on Channel 9, flew with a helicopter over the houseto show with your camera images that Telefe did not have.

In 2015, a video went viral in which it was seen that a drone had entered the garden of the house with a message for Nicolás, one of the participants. “Nico be careful, they’re looking for you!”said the message that the boys were able to read.


Source: Clarin

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