Big Brother 2022, LIVE: Coti left Julieta speechless by telling an incredible night of sex

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A new edition of Big Brother can be enjoyed on the Telefe screen, with guidance from Santiago del Moro. Each of the entrants aspires to win the prize of 15 million pesos.

The “most famous house in the country” has 2,200 square meters, 65 cameras and 87 microphones. Big Brother It can be followed on Telefe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can also be watched live 24 hours a day on Pluto TV’s 141 channel.


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News in development

Julieta and Coti had a very warm conversation

Julieta asked Coti if she didn’t feel like having sex and the woman from Corrientes not only answered affirmatively, but also ended up revealing that he had already had sex In the House.

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The participant, who is in a relationship with Alessio the Rabbit, she assured that she had an amazing night with her reality boyfriend and, telling it, he left Juliet speechless.

“It’s the best, you understand? How I knew everything, boluda. It was a lot, without making any noise, in a position that I usually don’t like, very quiet, with the camera and all, we got by anyway,” he assured, between the other.

They sanctioned La Tora for removing the microphone

Santiago Del Moro announced the decision of Big Brother on the attitude of La Tora: “There is a sanction”.

A basic rule in Big Brother is that attendees cannot remove their microphones at any time. The Tora has violated the regulation when he entered the room where Juan was resting, he warned him “I don’t have a microphoneand told him a secret.

In Monday’s debate, the production made it known, through a statement read by Santiago Del Moro: “There is a penalty”. What this sanction consists of will be reported in the broadcast on Tuesday evening.

Controversial phrase by Nancy Pazos about Mora’s departure

Nancy Pazos analyzed the departure of Mora, eliminated last Sunday, and launched a sentence that generated many questions on the net against the panelist of A la Barbarossa.

“Mora, you don’t know if she is a man or a woman in her appearance, and that bothers”, shot if filter. And he added in his comment that Mora’s “aesthetic” is “not hegemonic.”

Nancy Pazos launched a controversial sentence. Capture TV

Mora’s reaction in knowing that Coti made him spontaneous

removed yesterday from older brother 2022Mora is now in the debate led by Santiago Del Moro on Telefe. There they showed her who voted her to be on the plate and revealed that she was the Coti who made it spontaneous.

When the host asked her why she thought she was banned from the games, she replied: “The house voted for me because there were groups we clashed with a lot. why they voted me out, I have no idea. With the internal perspective, I think there were people who did more bad things than me: for example, Juan “.

Resigned, Mora admitted that Coti had managed to deceive her: “She swore to us she wasn’t a traitorAnd when Santi reminded him that when he fired her at the elimination gala, Coti burst into tears, Mora said: “And he was like, ‘Thanks for making me laugh!“.

Ángel De Brito attacked the debate of the former Big Brother

The night of the ex (Big Brother): the debate that airs on Friday at 21:45 on Telefe. Capture the TV.

Angelo De Brito it was shipped with no revolutions in its cycle THEY (America, 8 pm) against La noche de los exes, the cycle that airs on Fridays at 9:45 pm on Telefe, conducted by Robertito Funes Ugarte, moderating the debate of some former participants of Big Brother.

In pure irony, De Brito called them “the pensioners of Big Brother”. “How boring are the debates of the Big Brother pensioners. They are a track. They bored me. I like the debate where the journalists are (the one that airs on Mondays, with Santiago Del Moro at the helm)”.

“Retirees of Big Brother Who am I in the debate, don’t you have anything more interesting to say? They are talking nonsense, “added De Brito.

A video of “La Tora” went viral and generated enormous controversy

A few hours ago a video he made went viral. Lucila Belen Villarbetter known as “la Tora” before entering the house of Big Brotherwhich has generated controversy in the networks.

The material was taken from his social networks and his comment caused a lot of repudiation: “And remember little friends, the minors you eat do not count as cattle, they are calves”, he commented, referring to being with minors.

A video of Lucila talking about relating to minors has gone viral. Instagram

The cleaning brand that Alpha turned into Trend

“Saphirus”, a cleaning products brand, became a trend on Twitter thanks to the publicity it made with the song from his catchy jingle sung by Walter “Alfa” Santiagowhile cleaning Big Brother’s house.

Without knowing it, the 60-year-old participant became the star of viral advertising.

Julieta closed the door on Marcos

In an intimate chat with Nacho, the model and influencer assured that she is very much in love with her boyfriend, Lucca Bardelli, and that it is not in her plans to have a relationship with another member of the house.

“Yes, of course. I’m in love again”
Julieta assured when Nacho asked her about their relationship away from home.

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The evaluation of the elimination gala

The third elimination gala Big Brotherwith the departure of Mora, not only did he clearly outweigh the competition and became the most watched on Sunday, but he also obtained the second highest score, after the premiere on 17 October.

GH scored 21.1 rating points and reached peaks of 23, according to Kantar Ibope Media.

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The GH elimination gala was, once again, the most watched of the day. Photo: print.

Coti’s parents banked their daughter

After the controversy surrounding Coti’s spontaneous appointment, his parents spoke out publicly and supported his strategy.

In a dialogue with Georgina Barbarossa, they both assured that their daughter has always been so competitive and stated that it doesn’t bother them that she actually looks like a “fake” person, as they feel this is part of the game.

Analía Franchín destroyed La Tora

Franchín did not like Lucila’s attitude at all.

True to its spicy style, Analia Francin it aimed at La Tora and was lapidary. Is that it? at Barbarossa (Telefe, at 9:30 am), the speaker argued that the participant “she withered herself” when he attacks Agustín during the elimination gala.

What was it that he said? In front of the cameras, she Lucila stated that she wanted her partner to be expelled from the reality show. She expressed it without knowing that in reality “Frodo”, the nickname her fans gave to Agustín, is one of the most loved characters outside the home.

“He was disgusting and arrogant”Franchin said about it. And his partner, Gastón Trezeguet, reversed his position: “You can say the same thing in another way (because of Agustín). You don’t have to personalize.”

Thiago’s sister spoke after the complaint against her stepfather

Camila, Thiago’s sister, spoke through her Instagram account after the complaint against her stepfather, whom she accused of gender-based violence.

“I want this storm that I am experiencing to pass. I want to be me again and smile as before”wrote in his short stories.

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Camila is posting on her networks.

Mora’s mother came out to defend her daughter after her elimination

Cristina, Mora’s mother, intervenes at Barbarossa (Telefe, 9.30) e she denounced that there was “hatred and violence” against her daughter. “Particularly against her appearance,” she stressed.

Furthermore, he assured that he had stopped “reading and watching” the program because it hurt him. “I saw the occasional gala,” he was honest.

Later, in defining his daughter, he assured him she is “a simple and cheerful girl”. “She is very determined, she has a lot of courage. It seems to me that they are actually punishing her for being genuine,” he said.

La Tora’s controversial attitude: “I have no microphone”

La Tora entered Juan’s room, lay down on him and after telling him he didn’t have a microphone, she spoke in his ear.

The video of the moment went viral on the networks and generated all kinds of speculation because what he said to his partner was not heard at any time.

Will the production consider there was a plot and eliminate their votes this week?

There was a shout from outside the house: “Tora, you are next”

While chatting on the patio with Nacho and María Laura, the Torah has heard a startling warning of the public. “Tora, you’re next,” they yelled at her.warning him that she he would be the next eliminated since it doesn’t have much support from viewers. However, the participant he interpreted it differently.

First, Lucila believed that the scream was due to the fact that a friend of Agustín, her rival in the game, had decided to scream at her to destabilize her. And then she speculated that people were actually warning her that her peers would nominate her to get her out of the competition. She never realized that her scream was really against her.

Therefore, the participant did not have a good night and it even emerged that she would have committed a violation of the rules of Big Brother when speaking without a microphone in a colleague’s ear.

Source: Clarin

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