Coti recounted her incredible night of sex with the Rabbit inside the “Big Brother” house.

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¡Big Brother is on fire! Costanza Romero, better known as Cotiand Alexis Quiroga, alias Rabbit, would have materialized inside the most famous house in the country. Or at least that’s what she insinuated in a super hot chat she’s been having in the last few hours Giulietta Poggioanother of the participants.

The solo conversation the players had in the women’s dorm started with a suggestion from Juli to Coti. “Ay, boluda, don’t you wanna fuck? Damn! Do it already … The guys did it (da Giuliana Diaz Y Massimiliano Guidici), twice, “the model told her partner.

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Then, the 20-year-old woman from Corrientes confirmed that she had already had affairs with Conejo. “Is that why Juli complained about not being able to sleep?”Poggio asked. “No, no, that’s what he complained about because I was talking about,” acknowledged the native of the city of Caá Catí. And, immediately after, he recounted in great detail his passionate night with the Cordovan.

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“I mean, it’s the best, do you understand?”, assured Coti to Juli, to whom Juli asked if she was referring to the physical characteristics of her “boyfriend” inside the house. Laughing, the woman from Corrientes made it clear that she wasn’t talking about hers but about how she had made her feel Rabbit.

“No, like him, as he knew everything, idiot. It was too much. I said it? Without making any noise, in a position that I usually don’t like, very still, with the camera and all, we still made it“Assured Coti almost in a whisper. “Oh, no, no, no. You’re crazy! How nice. I congratulate you.”Juli replied amidst laughter.

The spicy presentation of Rabbit before joining Big Brother

Before entering older brother 2022 (Phone), Alessio Quirogaaka Rabbit, like his companions, has recorded a short but energetic video about his life outside the home.

It was a presentation that would help viewers of the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro get to know the players.

“I’ve been playing football all my life and I didn’t get to first class because I like the night more than the discipline“Cordovan began by saying in that recording they showed on the air during the first program of the expedition.

And he assured, spicy: I have a weakness for women, I like them too much. I hope there are beautiful girls in the house, I’m half grown up, three days without sex I can’t stand it“.

The love story between Coti and Rabbit

A few weeks after the start GH 2022 and after the formation of the first reality couple (Juliana Díaz and Maximiliano Guidici), Coti and Conejo they started spending a lot of time together and love was born.

The first kiss between the woman from Corrientes and the man from Córdoba took place inside the room. Meanwhile, days later, they spent a night of passion on the patio of their house and under a padding, where they kissed and caressed until dawn.

It should be noted that for the intimate meeting materializes, the protagonists must give the consent in front of reality cameras. If not, they will be warned by the voice of Big Brother 2022 and they will not be able to consume the act.


Source: Clarin

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