Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: Honor, Tribute and Revenge

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Not once but twice that Ramonda, T’Challa’s mother, and Shuri, the younger sister of the man who was king, say in their own words that T’Challa is not dead. No this. But she may not be physically and she may be in the spirit that reigns and runs through everything Black Panther: Wakanda forever.

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Sometimes it had to happen for a Marvel movie to separate itself from the rest for some reason. Perhaps, perhaps, it was the surprise death of Chadwick Bosemanking T’Challa inside Black Panther – the only Marvel film nominated for an Oscar – which led its director Ryan Coogler and his co-writer of this and this sequel to throw themselves into the imagination and the conception of a story more rooted in the feeling of pain. – and revenge – and even in geopolitics than in action scenes and visual effects.

Which they obviously have, because it’s a Marvel movie.

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The decision not to replace Boseman involved building a story around the myth. The figure of the king, from Black Panther (the title of the protector of Wakanda, the most powerful imaginary nation in the world) traces the -long- 161 minutes of the film. It is mainly women who mourn him and mourn him. And they must not only fill their emptiness, but move on.

We will not reveal what the cause of T’Challa’s death is, just comment that the scenes before the appearance of the Marvel logo – there is also a change there – are of deep intimacy, respect and tribute to that king who, in a mural painting , seems to look at us as Che Guevara.

The story must continue

But, and there is always a but, the story had to continue. And in the center is vibranium, the indigenous bright purple metal that is the source of Wakanda’s power. Watch the scene where Ramonda (Angela Bassettwho has not one but two scenes to say to get me an Oscar nomination) wordlessly accuses the United States and France of being racist at the UN headquarters.

Everyone wants to have vibranium, and when Americans are digging deep into the Atlantic Ocean, they stumble upon a civilization that, damn it, has it too.

There is no time to tell how it is, but to present Talokan, the ancient underwater civilization that rules Namor, a god with winged ankles (the Mexican Tenoch Huerta) which has something from Aquaman and something from DC Comics “new” hero and / or anti-hero, Black Adam. Vengeful, a member of a minority, Namor wants to weave an alliance with Wakanda to eliminate the rest.

The film will have several twists, some unexpected, others that make it stretch too much, notes against the CIA and the occasional surprise disappearance.

A lot has changed, and until not many years ago it was unthinkable that a film with a majority of African American actors and female heroines could have the global and international success that surely accompanies. Black Panther: Wakanda forever On cinemas. Because it’s made to be seen in the cinema and not on a mobile device or LCD screen.

The music of Ludovico Goranssonthe one for the Black Panther won the Oscar and for those who composed the bands Principle Y The MandalorianIt is almost a separate show. Everything looks very beautiful, but it’s in the drama of the scenes, in Shuri’s suffering (Letizia Wright), the character we follow and evolve, and all the women fighting for Wakanda where the film’s greatest impact lies.

Ah, the only spoiler is that, after the first post-credit scene, it’s gone. They simply warn that Black Panther will return. Something we have already perceived.

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”


Action. United States, 2022. Original title: “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”. 161 ‘, SAM 13. Of: Ryan Coogler. With: Letitia Wright, Tenoch Huerta, Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong’o. Rooms: IMAX, Cinépolis Recoleta and Avellaneda, Cinemark Palermo, Showcase Belgrano, Hoyts Unicenter.

Source: Clarin

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