Alec Baldwin Sues ‘Rust’ Technicians for Giving Him the Loaded Gun That Killed Halyna Hutchins

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American actor and producer Alec Baldwin sued the gunsmith and the western film crew for negligence Rustfor presenting him with a prop gun loaded with live bullets on the set of the film, with which he accidentally killed the cinematographer in October 2021 Halyna Hutchins.

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As reported by the specialized site Entertainment WeeklyBaldwin filed the complaint on Friday, Nov. 11, as a cross-document within the complaint that the project’s script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, made against him some time ago over his attendance at the event, which caused him a severe emotional distress.

According to the interpreter’s version, the accusation should fall on various technical components of the production, including the young gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the first assistant director, Dave Halls; props expert, Sarah Zachry; and the film’s weapons and ammo supplier, Seth Kenney.

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It was not a “cold weapon”

In this sense, Baldwin specifically targeted Gutierrez-Reed, who he indicated as the main culprit in the episode for not having carefully checked the pistol before handing it over, and against Halls, who allegedly ensured that it was a “bladed weapon “. prior to filming, in reference to the fact that it contained no bullets inside.

“This tragedy occurred because live bullets were both brought onto the set and loaded into the gun. Gutierrez-Reed failed to check it, Halls did not check it carefully but announced it was safe before handing it to Baldwin, and Zachry failed to comment that Gutierrez “Reed was acting recklessly off set and was a safety risk to those around her. Baldwin did not know and had no reason to know any of these facts,” the plaintiff’s attorney, Luke Nikas, said in the text. question.

Also, in his complaint, Baldwin adds that as a result of what happened he lost his job and financial opportunity, and for that reason ask for compensation for attorney fees caused by the Mamie Mitchell lawsuit.

“There is no doubt that other people have suffered far more than Baldwin from the negligence of the defendants. Hutchins lost his life and his son lost his mother. Producer Joel Souza was shot in the shoulder and suffered physical and emotional. While in no way comparable, Baldwin has to live with immense pain and emotional, physical and financial burden,” the document continues.

The incident took place on October 21 of last year in New Mexico and was being investigated by the Santa Fe Police Department, which will soon deliver the final reports to the district attorney, who will then decide whether to formally charge any of those involved.

Meanwhile, Hutchins’ family announced last month that they had reached a settlement about his death with the film’s producer and Alec Baldwin: “As part of the settlement, our case will be dropped and the film, which will now be produced by Matthew Hutchins (husband of the deceased),filming will continue from January 2023,” said the woman’s family.

Since the incident, Souza and other production members have expressed a desire to complete Halyna’s work on the film, which will feature Jensen Ackles, Travis Fimmel and Frances Fisher, among others.


Source: Clarin

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