Latin Grammy Awards 2022: Marco Antonio Solís received the Person of the Year award and Fito Páez honored him

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Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solís received the Person of the Year 2022 Latin Grammy Awards during a ceremony held this Wednesday November 16 in Las Vegas (United States) in the presence of his family and different personalities of Latin music in the different genres.

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The gala took place at the Michelob ULTRA Arena one day before the 65th edition of the great Hispanic music festival organized by the Latin Recording Academy.

El Buki (as Marco Antonio is called) was joined by his wife, Cristian Salas, and his daughter, María Solís, in an emotional event that at one point was about to make him cry and which means the pinnacle of the five-time Latin Grammy winner’s professional career.

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spectacle and emotion

My legacy is my songs, what I honestly wrote and that has entered the hearts of all Mexicans,” Solís told EFE news agency a few minutes before the start of the event.

A little later, the gala began with a performance by the Mexican composer himself, who sang his song Where will we stop? and cheered up the attendees who erupted in applause.

Subsequently, nearly twenty artists will pass the stage in Las Vegas, among which there were Christian Nodal, Sebastián Yatra, Romeo Santos, Noel Schrajis from the Sin Bandera group, Carla Morrison and Ana Torrojaamong others.

Fito’s affectionate speech

Particularly affectionate were the messages of Laura PasiniFito Paez e Mario Dommof the Camilla group, for the award-winning, who is also nominated for the Latin Grammy 2023 in the category of best regional Mexican music album with his album titled I’m so happy to see you (2021).

“Saying Marco Antonio Solís’ name is synonymous with speaking about Mexico. I admire the responsibility you have to represent your country,” Pausini said after his performance at the Solís awards ceremony.

For his part, Páez wanted to “take the audacity” to show him “love and gratitude for a life dedicated to music“And Domm even walked off stage to give El Buki a hug because ‘worth a mother’ protocol” at times like this.”

words on the phone

Subsequently, the award-winning artist returned to the stage and received the long-awaited award from the executive director of the Latin Recording Academy, Manuel Abud, for deliver a written speech on your mobile phone.

“Imagine a child who left his hometown in Michoacán out of fear of being separated from his parents, siblings and friends, but with a little heart full of illusions, a suitcase and a guitar“, said the artist before closing the gala by interpreting the song If I hadn’t gone.

The Latin Academy’s Person of the Year honors Spanish-speaking artists for decades of outstanding trajectory and selfless efforts to grow Latin American music.

In 1996 Marco Antonio Solís launched himself as a soloist and currently has more than 16 albums that have earned him, in addition to the five Latin Grammys, six Grammy nominations.

Before Solís, figures such as ruby blades (2021), Juanes (2019), Manna (2018), Alessandro Sanz (2017), Mark Antony (2016) or Robert Charles (2015), among other recent examples.

The 23rd edition of the prestigious awards is produced by the Latin Recording Academy and will be broadcast live this Thursday, November 17 from 22:00 on the TNT channel and the HBO Max platform.

Source: EFE

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