In the midst of a fit of rage, Silvina Escudero revealed the shocking amount she pays for expenses

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Silvina Escudero He used his social networks to create a strong claim after try to sunbathe at the private neighborhood pool where you live and fail because there were several workers working on the arrangement of the bridge. Therefore, in the midst of a fit of rage, He ended up revealing how much he pays for expenses.

One morning the dancer lived in rage, who got up and, seeing that the day was beautiful, Decided to go 20 minutes on the patio to get a tan. But he ended up leaving because of the loud noises and then received a notice from the consortium.

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“Do you remember that I told you the amount of money I pay for the expenses? That it’s fortunate that the bridge isn’t being built. The workers started doing it today, in high season, while we were sunbathing,” the first began to rant Dancing for a dreamwho made headlines this year for her wedding and an uncontrolled bachelorette party.

“The noise, the gentlemen working, the floor that threatens to hurt you… I still can’t believe it,” she wrote in one of the Instagram stories she posted this Thursday.

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Then, he showed part of the construction site he had to walk through to get to the building’s pool: “In these parts you have to get in well to nail everything and hurt yourself. They work, everything. Beautiful,” she launched.

And she added furiously: “I gave up getting my 20 daily sunrays. Impossible. Working all workers. You can’t step on it. The noise (sic) of burning metal they burn. Oh no, that’s great.”

Then, fed up with what was happening in her neighborhood, she revealed how much she pays for expenses: “I can’t believe it. Broken all winter and now they are starting to fix it. 100,000 pesos a month for expenses. How beautiful everything”

Finally, the defaulter then said that he had sent her a notification from the consortium with a notice of infringement.

“Now you can’t even stay in the ‘little space’ left of the solarium or use the pool. You simply can’t use anything until the work is finished… in ‘heavy pool season’. Let’s not lose sight of the luck that they charge us at the expense of not being able to use the services. OhFed up is little! Ahhh, and let’s add the infraction to the amount,” it was downloaded.

“They’re already following the bunch of silly things happening in my neighborhood. They’ve now decided to build the deck in the middle of the summer season. The people who work there when you want to sunbathe or use the pool. The luck that we pay for expenses so as not to be able to use what we pay only to live there…”.

“And now I have received a fine. Which of course I refuse. In the mail I receive the charges, the method of payment of the charges and this fine, but I have never received notice that that place cannot be used. Other than ‘Who can think of that it’s just the right time to use it and they start building and what’s more it can’t be used. There are people who don’t give it, they don’t think. It wouldn’t work for them,” she pitched.

The domestic accident of Silvina Escudero

A week ago, Silvina Escudero had told on her social networks that she had had a domestic accident when a piece of furniture fell on her. In her Instagram Stories she explained what happened to him and captioned: “Terror.”

According to Silvina, she was putting on her makeup when suddenly the furniture where most of her cosmetics were kept fell on her. “I had my legs up on the chair, it was all full of glass and mirrors. Luckily there were no animals.”he assured.

And then he showed a photo in which he shared how he cut himself on his knee: “And since my legs were crossed, this only happened to me. If I had been sitting, he would have cut my legs in half. Terror.”


Source: Clarin

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