Jimena Monteverde, the cook who proposes an à la carte style: it changes according to the driver

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In addition to the profession and prestige of a cook, Jimena Monteverde was also one moves like a fish in water on television. After three decades of cooking and sharing recipes from the screen, he has earned his place and his audience on his own merits.

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Now, it is part of three cycles: Mirta’s night, At lunch with Juana Y The 8 steps of the millionall for El Trece.

With his usual sympathy, Monteverde is one of the most common faces on television and learned very well how to operate in each cycle, according to the drivers. Appealing to its versatility, it knows how to show a different facetdepending on who’s driving a sort of “à la carte” style suited to the driver on duty and the tone of the programme.

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The Jimena of Saturdays

He has had special treatment with Mirtha Legrand ever since declares himself a fan of the diva. On Saturdays, when it’s her turn to serve Chiquita and her guests, without losing her freshness, Jimena appears more sober, measured and delicate. From time to time Mirtha, who Monteverde considers “the myth of our television”, from her office puts the points on her, albeit in an affectionate way.

This is what happened in one of the broadcasts, when the cook told the camera to send the diva one of her favorite desserts, the creme Brülée, to her home. That public infidelity earned her a motherly challenge from the chauffeur who scolded her humorously, saying, “Don’t tell the public you’re sending me food because it looks awful”.

Beyond those cute twists and turns between the two, Monteverde takes pride in being a part of the legendary diva cycle and cooking for her and her Saturday diners.

The Jimena of Sundays

On the contrary, on Sunday the tone is completely relaxed with Juana Viale, with whom he has plotted a relationship of complicity. Attractive much more for humor, with Mirtha’s niece The cook is encouraged to unleash her spontaneous and even a little bit more slutty side.

The bond between Jimena and Juana It has caught on since they started screen sharing during the pandemic, when the actress replaced her grandmother on television tables. And more than onceThey even showed up side by side in the kitchenduring a segment of the show, where Jimena clearly has no problem pointing out that, in this business, she is the authority.

The good vibes between the host and the chef It also led them to think about the possibility of doing a program together in the futuretaking advantage of the chemistry that exists between the two and that was born naturally in front of the cameras.

La Jimena from Monday to Friday

On the other hand, Monteverde’s profile changes, like a television chameleon, when he is in the Guido Kaczka cycle, as part of the jury during the week. In that role, Jimena try to empathize with the driver and the participants, often nervous before their first time on television. Limited to its function, try to make gastronomy a friendly and even didactic topic.

Jimena is also happy to be part of the question and answer cycle, adapting to a format that is completely different from the previous ones and which requires another dynamic, more of a team, which explains its versatility. Whenever he had the opportunity, Jimena made public her praises for Kaczka, who highlighted, in his view of him, how “the great host of Argentine television”.

To these three cycles, the cook has added a fourth: Like everything, dedicated entirely to gastronomy and which, until last year, was broadcast on the Net TV cable signal. However, after a phase, Monteverde decided to take a break to rest.

Now always ready to share recipes, secrets and tips with her own particular style, Jimena dream up your own program which can come at any time. Is it because of El Trece?

Source: Clarin

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