Lali Espósito and Tini Stoessel met at Nathy Peluso’s recital and revolutionized the networks

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Lali Esposito Y Tini Stoessel They met at the recital Nathy Fluffy and revolutionized networks. The artists coincided this Thursday evening at the concert that their colleague gave at the Movistar Arena and their fans have not overlooked that detail.

numerous accounts of Chirping created by fans of both celebrities shared exclusive images of they pose very smiling with the background image of Fluffy.

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“Tini is in Buenos Aires and met Lali at the Peluso fashion show”“Tini with Lali Esposito in the Nathy Peluso show from the Movistar Arena”, “Tini how are you going to smile like that when you hug Lali. By God! I love them too much” and “Lali and Tini together. I’m dying. Look what this picture is” were just some of the captions fans of the hit singers wrote alongside those postcards.

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Also, inside a video that was also leaked on social media the performers can be seen happily chatting in one of the boxes of the Movistar Arena together with the actress Julieta Nair Calvo.

On their Instagram accounts, the artists They have not shared photos together nor have they been involved in any stories. However, both have posted images of the first show Nathy held in her country at the aforementioned stadium nearby Villa Crespo.

“Nathy Peluso Breaks Buenos Aires”Lali wrote in one of the stories she uploaded to her Instagram account this Thursday evening. “How brilliant you are”replied, the Argentine singer residing in Spain. “Nathy you are amazing”Tini told him for her. “Thank you my love”, answered the interpreter mobster.

The myth of a war between Lali Espósito and Tini Stoessel that never existed

It is worth clarifying that both Lali and Tini they get along very well and on several occasions they came out to refute the versions that spoke of a bad relationship between them.

“Lali (Esposito) looks like a cape to me, it’s the best. My Hope (The Thirteen) I saw it and I liked it”assured Tini seven years ago in an interview for enough of everythingthe radio cycle that Matías Martin conducted on Radio Metro.

However the rumors continued. And in 2019, the actress of Violet referred to us again. “Not only do we have a good relationship with Lali, but nothing personal has ever happened between us.”She said clarion.

And added: “See you, best vibes, congratulate each other on some topic. Messages. We have no problems. We are tired of saying that there are no problems between us. It makes me happy because the Argentine women’s market is growing a lot, that we are becoming more and more.”

Furthermore, the artist assured that “it gets out of print as much as it has to compare two female artists when each can have her own way and make the music she wants“. And added: “In fact, you also share music at some point.”

This desire to make a song together was also expressed by Lali. It was in December last year when his fans came out to speculate with the possibility that they had recorded a song.

In this context, at the insistence of his followers, Lali confessed: “It’s not true that the problem with Tini exists, but the desire is there”.


Source: Clarin

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