‘Take it, skinny’: A Brazilian posed as an Argentine and confused everyone at Qatar airport

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A Brazilian fan puzzled Georgina Barbarossa in the middle of a mobile from Qatar. The man, who spoke with a Buenos Aires tune but was dressed in the colors of Brazil, he pretended to be Argentinian Y generated confusion in the cycle of the conductor, who, indignantly believing his speech he asked to be taken off the air.

The funny moment that was seen this Friday aired on Barbarossa (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 9.30) began in the middle of a report on Noelia Antonelli from the Doha International Airportwhere she arrived on the same flight Sergio was traveling on the kun Agüero and hundreds of Brazilian fans.

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In the middle of the cell phone, the reporter met completely Look with the colors of Brazil and, as his appearance stood out considerably, she approached him to ask him a few questions. What a surprise he had when the aforementioned greeted her with a “Hello, how are you? I’m silver” from Buenos Aires.

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“And what are you doing dressed like that? Are you kidding me? I could have sworn you were Brazilian”, Antonelli reacted. “I’m Argentinian, but I chose to support Brazil”the man explained. “No, no, get it out,” Analía Franchín said from the studio. “That boy is going to be in trouble,” Georgina added in the same tone.

“But why are you rooting for Brazil?”asked Noah. “It’s a much more developed country than ours, folks”replied the football fanatic. “But were you born in Argentina?”Telefe’s special envoy continued to inquire with a surprised face. “Born in Buenos Aires”the man assured.

“No, you are Brazilian”Noelia told him, still not believing what her eyes saw. “No, no, no, cut off his face”Georgina asked from the apartment. “But how well you speak”, she exclaimed as the cell phone asked the interviewee to see her passport and showed the tattoos she had on her leg with the World Cup won by Brazil.

“You don’t believe me brazuca, do you?”he said between laughter. “Where are you from?” Antonelli asked him again in a different tone of voice. “I’m from San Pablo, mail I’m from there”, finally recognized the fan. “And why do you speak perfect Spanish?” Noelia wanted more. “And what do I know, nobody is perfect”, the man continued joking.

“Well, take it skinny!!!”Barbarossa asked. And visibly outraged by the acting she was experiencing, she said: “It’s a trout… From what it looks like, it looks like Argentina, guys.”

The truth is, seconds later, the tourist said he was an Atlanta fan and that he could speak Spanish so well with a Buenos Aires accent because he had lived in the Middle East for a year with Uruguayans and Argentines. “It’s the Varela rifle,” Georgina added, finding a resemblance to the sportswriter.

The cell phone ended with the Brazilian fan greeting another Argentine. “What are you doing, machine? Is everything okay?” the “false Argentine” asked for the original. And when Noelia told her real compatriot that the person next to her was really Brazilian and not Argentinian, she started laughing and expressed surprise: “I can not believe it!”


Source: Clarin

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