Nazarena Vélez revealed why she no longer diets and reflected on her body

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In recent years, Nazarena Velez She made a radical life change that led her to transform her body. Already far from his amphetamine addiction, the media have revealed why decided not to diet anymore.

On her Tik Tok account, the speaker of THEY (America, Mon-Fri 8:00 p.m.), was consulted about her body. “Aren’t you on a diet or don’t you eat something? I eat an apple with water,” they asked.

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Then Vélez explained, without filters, why he made this decision after depriving himself of eating what he likes for many years fear of gaining weight

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I’m not on a diet, I hate them, I’ve done them all. The diet of the onion, the moon, the sun, everything you can imagine. I’m tired, they take me out and they don’t work,” Nazarena began.

“I eat what I want because all my life I have deprived myself of eating, but now I love myself so much that I don’t deprive myself of anything, what I feel like doing, I do“, He added.

Finally, the blonde explained that she combines food with a routine of physical activity. “I eat what I want but I try to include vegetables, I drink a lot of water, I take care of myself, I do half an hour of walking or climbing. From now on I eat what I want, I don’t overeat anymore,” he concluded.

Nazarena had said on several occasions that during her youth she had done everything to maintain her body according to what the “job market” required. He also stated it came to get the amphetamines at some point in your life to look good.

“I felt like I needed to get thinner. A friend told me “Oh, I have some pills that are great but they’ll make your mouth a little dry.” They don’t know what those pills are…”, he told the media about the difficult situation he experienced in 2009 during a season in Carlos Paz.

“I always knew they were terrible, but I liked the ‘magical’ result they gave. You feel like an asshole and you don’t eat. In my case I shivered and everyone told me about it,” he explained.

At that time, those who played a key role in Nazarena’s recovery were Rosa Ana and José, her parents. “My elders saved my lifeone day i took some pills, woke up with a heart going ‘boom, boom, boom’ and I thought I was having a heart attack”he remembered.

In August of this year, Alberto Cormillot made a very unfortunate reference to what was happening “the gorditas in the office” and generated a strong reaction from Nazarena.

Invited to the LPA program (America, Monday to Friday at 10.15 pm) the nutritionist launched a controversial phrase. “The example I give is ‘the chubby family’. If you are a girl weighing 120 to 130 (pounds) in the officemost likely your friends, if they lay hands on you, they put him as a good companion to you“.

If you lose 30, 40 kilos They stop laying hands on you as a good partner and they laid their hand on you with another intention“, shot the nutritionist.

When Vélez heard Cormillot’s words, he wrote an ironic reflection on his Instagram account, where he has 2 million followers: “I’m about to lose weight because I want my workmate to put his hand on me. No one ever said that.”

Source: Clarin

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