What is it like If I knew, the Spanish series that was banned in Turkey

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In the series forums – that kind of virtual meeting where viewers download comments, compliments and frustrations – there is a recurring theme: just go back and forth in time. As if the use of flashback It would have become a fashion, and so, to explain the present, one must resort, yes or yes, to images of the past. They complain, and maybe they haven’t seen it yet If I had known.

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Released on Netflix at the end of October, the fiction created by Ece Yorenc -the same screenwriter of that Turkish soap opera phenomenon called What is Fatmagül’s fault?- is part of the romantic comedy, with high doses of fantasy.

In 2018 something happens to the protagonist who, literally in the blink of an eye, it takes her back ten years, with the body she had at 20but with his head still in his thirties.

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And the others? Everyone is as they were in 2008: she was about to say yes, her father was still alive, her twins weren’t in anyone’s plans. But her head knows that she has a boy and a 9-year-old girl, who her married life is a burden, that her husband was not as faithful as she believed, and that her mother was widowed.

No one understands poor Emma (megan montaner). she doesn’t understand either. Until then, with that approach, it was it is difficult to imagine why they had banned its creation in Turkey of this eight-episode series, which came with the seal of Ece Yörenç. The doubt was easily dispelled: Emma’s best friend is gay. And they tried to remove the character from the plot.

In the end, the platform has decided to transfer the filming to Spainwhere the actor Eduardo Lloveras She puts Deme on her shoulder, who doesn’t understand what’s happening to her friend, but joins the confusion.

Confusion that must have had more than one viewergoing back and forth in time, between what happened, what happens and what would have happened if… Emma, ​​​​in 2008, had done something different than what she did.

It’s not trying to be a series of tangles, simple, white and seventies. Try to go further and that’s where, sometimes, the story leaks, between the improbable and the dreamlike. She, victim of that forced time travel, blame it on a bizarre lunar eclipse.

And, at the same time, she ends up thanking him for being able to say it “I do not want to” before Nando’s marriage request (Miquel Fernández), and for having met Rubén Meyer, the enigmatic character that makes up the Argentinean Michel Noherwhich has already earned its place in the Spanish audiovisual industry.

The story is cute and funny. except for the fluctuations between that modified past and the real one: on the one hand, it invites us to dream of the possibility of changing something experienced that we didn’t like, but, on the other, it pushes us to get to the end and find out what happened in that head.

What ends up tipping the balance to make it a good series are the performances of Montaner, Fernández and Noher, a trident that knows how to play with the imagination. and with the imagination.


Qualification: Good

Romantic comedy protagonists: Megan Montaner, Miquel Fernández and Michel Noher Screenwriters: Ece Yörenç and Irma Correa Address: Liliana Bocanegra Problem: Eight episodes on Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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