The uncomfortable moment on the air that Diego Leuco experienced with Juana Viale and ended with the pilot’s challenge

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Diego Leuco visited the loop At lunch with Juana (El Trece, Sundays at 1.45pm) and lived in uncomfortable moment aired with the conductor of the cycle Joan Viale, which ended up challenging its host.

in the middle of the conversation the alarms on the reporter’s phone began to sound from telenoche (El Trece) and interrupted the dialogue at the table where Jonás Gutiérrez, Cristian Ritondo, Guillermo Novellis, singer of La Mosca, and Dolli Irigoyen were also guests.

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The driver laughed at first and took it for an accident, but then got mad and drove through it with no filters. “But my God!”, launched Leuco when the sound of his smartphone interrupted the chat again.

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“It’s the second time. The third time I’ve charged you for six packs of beer”, shot the landlady who was greatly upset by the carelessness of Alfredo Leuco’s son. “What did you have? Let’s see, tell me,” she wanted to know.

“I have meetings at this time during the week. The weekend sounds familiar to me because I have advanced from the other days, ”the journalist argued, defending him.

“Or for the time change to talk to your girlfriend?”Juana punched it, already in a good mood, referring to Sofía Martínez, the ESPN and public television reporter who is in Qatar to cover the 2022 World Cup.

“It’s the Telenoche meetings we always have right now”concluded the driver and journalist, explaining that they cannot make video calls with his girlfriend because the country that hosts the largest football event has banned this tool.

Immediately, Diego revealed that he will travel to Qatar this week. “Are you visiting your girlfriend or for work?” Juana wanted to know. “For work,” she replied and said that she didn’t know if she could meet Sofía due to their work commitments.

“She does four plans a day, I have like three”also highlighted the host on LUZU TV and said that the meeting would not be so easy.

The love story of Diego Leuco and Sofía Martínez

Leuco whitewashed his romance with Martínez in February of this year. the driver of telenoche shared on his Instagram account, where he is followed by 345,000 people, a photo embraced with his new girlfriend.

In the photo we see the lovebirds who love each other for the selfie she took and in which we see the driver leaning (or asleep) on her shoulder.

Sofía Martínez is 29 years old and has been working for a long time as a sports reporter for the ESPN signal and also for public TV. Additionally, the young woman who has 60,000 followers on her Instagram account also works as columnist for Andy Kusnetzoff a street dogs (Urban PlayFM).

Sofía gained notoriety in the medium during the coverage he made for public TV at the Olympics held in Japan last year.

The communicator said that at the age of 19 he dropped out of law school and He showed up at the Public TV Building (the old ATC) to submit a resume. Sometime later, she joined the program as a producer. All or nothing (El Trece), which was hosted by Guido Kaczka, and was also notary of Carolina Pampita Ardohain in Pampas online.


Source: Clarin

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