Big Brother 2022, LIVE: the message from Julieta Poggio’s boyfriend after the rumors of betrayal

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A new edition of Big Brother can be enjoyed on the Telefe screen, with the conduction of Santiago del Moro. Each of the participants aspires to win the prize of 15 million pesos.

The “most famous house in the country” has 2,200 square meters, 65 cameras and 87 microphones. Big Brother It can be watched on Telefe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can also be watched live 24/7 on Pluto TV channel 141.


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New in development

The message from Juliet’s boyfriend after the rumors of infidelity

Lucca Bardellithe boyfriend of Juliet Poggiowas accused of infidelity on social networks. According to a woman on Twitter, the young man was seen cheating on the participant of Big Brother 2022 in a bowling alley

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“Yesterday I happened to go to Bayside with Juli Poggio’s boyfriend e he was kissing another. Please let the queen find out and screw it up on open television,” wrote one Internet user.

A few hours later, without mentioning the controversy but launching a clear message to deny the rumors, Bardelli expressed himself on his Instagram account together with a photo in which they are seen together: “Have a good month, my love. I love you like nothing in this world and I miss him more every day. It makes me happy to see you make your dreams come true. See you around. You are my Everything”.

Lucca’s message for Juliet.

This was the moment of the elimination of La Tora

The percentages of elimination of the Torah

Lucila left the house with him 65.38% of the vote. Juliana, for her part, accumulated 34.62%.

“I love them all”

After meeting Nacho and Cata -his closest ones- in the room, “La Tora” greeted all his companions one by one. After, left the house.

The Torah and Cata. Capture phone photo

La Tora and Nacho. Capture phone photo

The Torah, removed from Big Brother

By public decision Juliana is still in reality.

close of voting

La Tora or Juliana, who leaves the house?

The last word of the candidates

The Torah: “I’m anxious, speechless…let it be what it has to be. 1% chance, 99% faith.”

Juliana: “I am very confident that today I will go to sleep accompanied (by Maxi). I hope people vote well.”

Maxi cannot imagine without Juliana

“I’m worried it would be very different for me here without her. Of course I’m worriedconfessed the Cordovan.

Few friends cope

La Tora and Juliana didn’t expect Alfa to be the first one saved by the public. The two see each other with many possibilities to leave the house of GH.

La Tora and Juliana define the fifth eliminated by Big Brother.

Alpha is still on Big Brother

By decision of the audience, the 60-year-old participant continues in reality. Alfa added only 4.45% of the vote.

Now, the eliminated one comes from Juliana and La Tora.

Alfa celebrates his salvation at the fifth Big Brother elimination gala.

The word to the candidates

Juliana: “I’m fine, yesterday I was quite down, nervous, I thought a lot… Don’t worry about my game and my way of being, that makes me feel good and gives me peace. If I leave, leave happy”.

The Torah: “I was calm, with faith and confidence. I know the game I’ve played has always been one of loyalty, at least with mine. And I know the people on the other side have seen it.”

“I already have experience, I’m used to it. My game was to be me.”

The three candidates for Big Brother. Catch TV.

The football look of Santiago del Moro

The pilot wears the blue and white shirt, in support of the Argentine national team which will make its debut in the World Cup on Tuesday.

“The World Cup is in Qatar, but this is the world final,” Del Moro said of his time in the GH studio.

Del Moro, with the Argentine below. Catch TV.

The elimination gala has begun

Alpha, Juliana and La Tora are the three candidates.

One of them leaves the Big Brother house.

A new report from Agustín is on its way

The player from La Plata has announced that tomorrow, Monday, he will play a “New Weekly Report”in which Agus -alone- looks at the camera and analyzes the game for his followers.

“To the lions and lionesses outside waiting for me to report tomorrow”announced Agustín, the house’s self-proclaimed strategist.

The Torah, the most questioned in the networks

Lucila, at least for social network users, is the most focused for today to leave the house.

A lot of they already take their exit for grantedAlthough the truth will begin to be known from 10.15pm on Telefe, when the fifth elimination gala begins.

Juliana and Alpha are also on the plate.

Kun Agüero has ensured that La Tora leaves the house

The former footballer, who is in Qatar after the World Cup, took a minute in his broadcasts to talk about Big Brother 2022.

“Hello, The Torah! By 84%”condemned the Kun on Twitch.

And he reiterated his support for Agustín: “I saw a clip showing me where La Tora surrounded Agustín, Frodo, my chicken. I liked that guy. The baby wave, crazy! And I put it in the bank. Afterwards I don’t know if it sounds good, but dance the chabón”.

The intimate conversation between Maxi and Juliana

After having sex at home, Maxi and Juliana had an intimate conversation in the sauna.

“Having trouble figuring out where my clitoris is? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?” Tini asked.

The man from Cordoba said yes and Juliana laughed.

It’s safe: Why aren’t you more explicit? My love, but you found the same jewel, huh?To which Maxi replied, “Well then show me again”

How to vote for one of the three candidates?

Voting takes place in two ways: by scanning the QR on the screen ( or by SMS when submitting GH at 9009.

You have to remember that the vote is negativethat is, the public must choose who they want to leave the house, between “Alfa”, Lucila “La Tora” and Juliana.

One of them will be the fifth eliminated by GH and will join Tomás Holder, Martina, Mora and Juan.

Today we will know the fifth eliminated

Juliana, Alfa and Lucila are the three participants who are on the plate and that they may leave the house this Sunday, the day of the elimination gala.

We must remember that María Laura “Cata” was also nominated, but she was saved by Nacho and Alexis, the leaders of the week.

La Tora, Alfa and Juliana, this Sunday’s elimination plate.

The intersection between Romina and Alpha

In the house there was a confrontation between Walter “Alfa” Santiago and Romina Uhrigafter she calls him a “degenerate”.

Then, the participant exploded in anger and replied: “Here the truth is that I don’t like it. They go off topic, fuck you…”. And he withdrew from the conversation towards the garden of the house.

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Source: Clarin

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