The story of the nun who won ‘La Voz’ in Italy, hung up her robes and works as a waitress in Spain

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Nun Cristina Scuccia, whose triumph in the Italian version of the La Voz television contest in 2014 went around the world, has reattached her habit and now lives in Spain, where she continues to sing and works as a waitress to make a living.

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Sister Cristina, who had moved and surprised the world by interpreting nobody by Alicia Keys in her first performance and eventually winning the show, embarked on a singing career and was cast in the musical Sister Actas well as appearing in 2016 among the stars of the musical titanicbut without abandoning the religious life.

After spending some years away from the stage, Cristina Scuccia appeared this Sunday, November 20, in the program very true, from Canale 5 in Italy, with a striking makeover and, dressed in a red pantsuit. There she announced that she had left religious life and that she currently lives in Spain, where she continues to cultivate her passion for music and works as a waitress.

The nun is gone, but it’s still inside her

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“Sister Cristina is inside me. I am what I am now thanks to Sister Cristina“, said the former nun Orsolina, explaining that she had “a wonderful journey in which there were no shortages of difficulties”, but that right now you can smile” even more than in the past“.

She assured that she “continues to believe in God” and that “she has no intention of abandoning her path of faith” and that she is “grateful for everything she has experienced so far”.

After 15 years of religious life, he explained that “over time, this media exposure has been the engine of many questions” and that everything has precipitated with the pandemicwhen everything stopped and he was able to reflect if he was happy.

She explained that she needed to be helped by a psychologist because I could not get out of the darkness. “I didn’t understand who it was. I’ve never denied God, but I wasn’t used to it,” she added.

Carnal love is not a priority

On the possibility of finding love, the former nun said that “she believes in love, but it’s not something she considers now.” “It’s not my priority right now. You have to take care of yourself, love yourself, before you can love others“, She said.

Born in 1988 in Vittoria, Sicily (south), she entered a convent at the age of 19. After being discovered by The Voice of Italy In a religious singing competition they called her to participate in the television program.

Your audition for The voice with nobody by Alicia Keys has surpassed 90 million views on YouTube in one week and during the program he received praise from one of the judges, Raffaella Carràwho assured that Sister Cristina “was born to be on stage”.

How and when did you win?

On June 6, 2014, after singing five songs which included a choreographed version of the eighties hit what a feelingof the film Flash DanceScuccia obtained 62% of the votes, beating rocker Giacomo Voli in the final.

In the speech after her coronation, the then 25-year-old nun she recited the Our Father and invited the group of incredulous judges and the public to accompany hersaying, “I want Jesus Christ to come here, it’s a dream,” she said. “Being here doesn’t depend on me, everything is thanks to whoever is up there.”

As in any marketing boom involving the Church, the aura of FrPope francesco. The nun had confessed that the Pope himself had recommended that she participate in the competition to try to bring the Catholic institution closer to the general public.

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