Chano Moreno Charpentier’s Alarming Twitter Thread: “I’ll Tell You If Something Happens To Me”

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In a Twitter thread, Chano Moreno Charpentier assured that there are people who want to harm him and sent a worrying warning message to his fans: “I’ll tell you in case something happens to me.”

Firstly, the former leader of Tan Biónica wrote: “I am going through the end of an artistic cycle to move on to something I want more. But during this short transition I have noticed some psychological violence and indirect threats accompanied by sarcasm and irony . “

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“So far, everything is more than good. Some like your decisions better than others. And I’m counting on the negligence or anger of others who don’t think like me because I know they are transient and random people,” she added.

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Then, he warned that “9 days ago a person” who works with him told him “Chano, be careful, they want to harm you, they are doing something against you and the goal is to harm you, these people are very dark . “

In this context, the musician said he had never experienced “something like this” and, while admitting that “maybe it’s nothing”, he cautioned: “I’ll tell you in case something happens to me”.

“What this person told me I have already assumed and these dark people to whom he refers, I have also identified them. I hope it is nothing,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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