Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have broken up in a “proper” way.

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After two years of relationship, singer Harry Styles and actress and director Olivia Wilde They mutually agreed to end their romance.. The subject of very different work agendas has crossed the skies of heart magazines as the main cause of this separation, since their commitments did not allow them to be together.

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Harry Styles will be presented on 3 and 4 December with his tour Love On Tour 2022, at the River Plate stadium with sold out tickets.

The artist, a former member of the pop group One Direction, not only had to add a date to his presentation in Argentina, but also changed stages due to demand for tickets and moved his show from Club Hípico Argentino to River.

A love story that began on the set

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But let’s get back to the topic that calls us. The couple met while filming the movie. Do not worry dear, controversial psychological thriller, which premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Olivia Wilde directed, Harry Styles starred and behind the scenes they fell in love and split two years later.

According to the North American media, the separation was a joint decision due to programs incompatible with a courtship as God intended, that is, the idea of ​​not seeing each other often cooled the bond.

The singer has a tour ahead of him that started in the UK and will take him across America, while Wilde has a number of projects centered around Los Angeles, so they’ve decided to focus on each other’s careers and remain friends.

Indeed, it was a discreet relationship. The pair were first seen as guests at a wedding in 2021, nearly a year into their romance, and have rarely been shown together in general. Fewer still talked about their private lives. For example, the meetings the two attended never posed alone.

Of the few times they’ve been seen together, one was at the premiere of their movie Do not worry dear And even so, they never posed next to each other in the countless photos that were taken of them. They have managed the bond with a strict low profile.

Above all, caution

Their story began in September 2020 and in the hustle and bustle of filming they met and fell in love. Some media have pointed out that such caution on both sidesIn order not to get caught in their romance, it would have been because Olivia Wilde was still married to actor Jason Sudeikisher husband in a nine-year relationship, although it was Wilde herself who denied this journalistic speculation.

Wilde, 38, was born in New York. She is considered a television star with her role in the series Doctor House, where he composed Dr. Remy Hadley, Nicknamed Thirteen. This gave a strong boost to his career since he got it multiple nominations for Best TV Actress at the Teen Choice Awards.

With more than 30 films, Wilde decided to say goodbye to the main roles and add to the list of women who have decided to sit behind the cameras as did, among others, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Banks, Greta Gerwig or Brie Larson.

After her breakup with Styles, she reportedly decided to focus on her job in Los Angeles and her two children Otis, eight, and Daisy, six, and enjoy her time as a mother to her little ones.

For his part, Styles, 28, continues his tour of Latin America.

The singer started his career in One Direction in 2010. Seven years later he started his solo career with his first album Harry Styles and that he finished consolidating with his second album, fine linewhich has reached the top sales position in several countries.

This year he released the album Harry’s housewhere he outgrew that teen idol vibe to become a global pop star.

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