Nancy Pazos wanted to insert a hidden cell phone at Florencia Peña’s wedding and they discovered her

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This Saturday, Florencia Peña married Ramiro Ponce de León in a room in Salta with 170 guests. That was one of the rules of marriage No one could enter with a cell phone. However, Nancy Pazos snuck her in and managed to film part of the ceremonybut his prank ended badly.

The journalist, who works as a speaker in Barbarossa (Telephone, Monday to Friday at 9 am), she came in with the phone tucked into her bodice being able to take pictures for the program it integrates. And even though at first she said it wasn’t intentional, then the truth came out.

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“What she did was very lively. She entered the hotel without changing, then went to get dressed in another guest’s room and entered the party without going through the reception where she was the box where cell phones were left“, said Ramiro Arzuaga, the organizer of the ceremony, which was specially organized by Claudia Villafañe, who has a company dedicated to organizing events.

Source: Clarin

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