The environment of Rocío Marengo has published a statement after the rumors about the present in the media

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In view of loud voices of a possible removal of Marengo rock in the second edition of The celebrity hotel (El Trece), which is registering these days, the media community manager shared a publication on his social networks bringing serenity to all his fans.

In detail, the person in charge of updating the profiles on Marengo’s networks while he is isolated, shared a photograph of him on his Instagram stories together with a long download denying versions.

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“Because of the speculation you are doing, I want to tell you Rocío is part of the program The hotel of the famous 2 that you continue to be registered,” he began by saying who works for the model.

While he explained: “Their networks are managed by their community manager and The photos we have uploaded were taken before he entered the reality show.”

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And he closed: “Out of respect for those who bet on it and for those who want to enjoy a good program that will arrive very soon, Rocío will not spoil it or show it day by day as we used to. Greetings”.

It is worth clarifying that for two weeks the ex-girlfriend of Edward Forte She is completely removed from the virtual world because she entered the second season of the reality show hosted by Pampita and Chino Leunis more than 15 days ago and stopped managing her networks.

And although she’s not the only one to live in that villa transformed into a hotel, for speculations that have been made over the last weekendhis collaborators decided it was better to clarify the matter.

Rocío’s name wasn’t the only one circulating. On Twitter they also revealed the identities of the two alleged primes eliminated from the cyclewhose, whose debut date not yet known but It is estimated to be during the summer.

The 16 celebrities who attended the second edition of The celebrity hotel eliminate Rocío are: Carlotta CaniggiaDelfina Gerez Bosco, Florencia Moyano, Fernando Carrillo, Alejo Ortíz, Federico Barón, Martín Coggi, Mimi Alvarado, Abigail Pereyra, Mariano FarjatÉrica García, Emiliano Rella, Enzo Aguilar, Sebastián Cobelli, husband of Fernanda Vives, and Juan Martino, brother of Majo.

Meanwhile, it was said, Charlotte, sister of the winner of the first broadcast of the reality show, and Marian, the always controversial and long-winded ex Big Brother, they were the first to leave.

As reported, El Trece has delayed the tapings of the second season of The celebrity hotel for many reasons. The first, because the channel wanted sing with me nowthe program conducted by Marcelo Tinelli continues to be broadcast.

And, secondly, because given the good listening results of the first broadcast, we tried to ensure that the format did not compete with other similar programs such as Big Brotherwhich every evening has its debates broadcast on Telefe.

“Nothing cuter than having butterflies in your tummy again. The new projects, goals and achievements make me stay in the clouds. is coming The famous hotel 2 by @eltrecetv and I can’t be happier to be one of the members,” Rocío had announced on his networks as soon as he signed a contract with the producer in charge of shipping.

And he said goodbye between excited and grateful: “Thank you life for giving me a new opportunity to breathe the air I like again.”


Source: Clarin

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