Roberto García Moritán showed the first chat he had with Pampita

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Pampita and Roberto García Moritán have been married for three years and the legislator has decided post the first chat he had with his wife.

“Thank you for giving me three of the happiest years of my life”, García Moritán wrote in a post on his Instagram account, along with a reel commemorating the couple’s most emotional moments.

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The video begins with the capture of the first chat, when he wrote to her. “Hello dear how are you? I’m Roberto García Moritán, he gave me your Ori number”he wrote to her. “He how are you?” she answered. “So our story began… With a message that changed my life,” said the entrepreneur.

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Next, you can see different daily situations of the couple, lying on an armchair watching television, on holiday by the sea, the moment in which asked her marriage, marriage, pregnancy bellythe birth of Ana García Moritán, among others.

The post got thousands of “likes” and comments from friends in the art world, like Carolina Haldemann, who told them “Happy anniversary, they are a beautiful couple”. “The cutest, congratulations”, added Viviana Canosa. “I cried hard,” said Puli de María, moved.

Roberto and Carolina met in 2019 through Oriana Montanelli, a mutual friend of both, and the crush was immediate. was single and She had just ended a two-year relationship with Pico Mónaco and later with the entrepreneur Mariano Balcarce. She was already the mother of Bautista, Beltrán and Benicio, from her previous relationship with Benjamín Vicuña.

While Roberto had been married to the entrepreneur Milagros Brito, with whom he had two children, Delfina and Santino.

Just two months after they met, he proposed to her on a paradisiacal beach in Punta Cana.

Blindfolded, Ardohain was led by the hand of her boyfriend and when she uncovered her eyes she saw the message on the shores of the coast: “Marry me”. There, Roberto knelt down, asked her to marry him, and she accepted without hesitation, enthusiastically.

On July 22, 2021, the model gave birth to Ana, their first daughter.

“Anna: beneficent, pious, merciful. The one who does good! The woman full of grace and compassion, favored by God! Thank goodness for this gift that fills us with emotion and it fills our souls with so much love!” wrote Pampita before the arrival of the little girl.

“Thank you my love, Roberto! The man who makes me laugh out loud, He sleeps with me in his arms every night and makes all my dreams come true! I love you so much! How wonderful to have found you!”, thanked her husband.

Recently, the model was invited to Juana Viale’s table where she thought she was very jealous of her husband. I don’t want to be politically correct. I don’t like to share mine, but in a good way. I didn’t make any scandals,” said the model and presenter.

And to Juana’s surprise at her confession, Pampita continued: “I don’t like sharing the treasure that is a relationship. We talk a lot about what will happen in the future if he continues his political career. Power also requires a lot of energy from you.

“The Chamber of Deputies is very heated because the country needs it too. You must be careful about this. I’m jealous of his timing. Ana grows very fast”, Pampita then clarified, referring to the political work of Moritán, who serves as the legislator of the city of Buenos Aires.

Source: Clarin

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