Carlos Rottemberg celebrates 45 seasons in Mar del Plata and tells how he got here

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Year after year, season after season, the producer Carlos Rottemberg has taken care of bringing the most diverse theatrical proposals to Mar del Plata which, over time, have become a summer classic. For tourists, the beach, the alfajores and churros and, of course, the theater were infallible.

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Somehow, Rottemberg planted a flag in La Feliz and over the years others have joined. This 2023, the manufacturer will celebrate 45 years of presence in that city, a real record for the sector and, undoubtedly, for some other sectors.

“We are the only company that will carry out its 45 years of theatrical and musical history and commitment to the city of Mar del Plata this 2022/2023 season,” he emphasizes. For this reason, the presentation of the cast that will be in theaters in Mar del Plata next season had the added spice of celebrating this anniversary.

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With more than four decades of cast presentations for the three summer months, the names accumulate and the anecdotes are hundreds, linked to the professional and personal life of the producer who, when he landed in the seaside resort, was just 21 years old, despite already being a producer from 3 years of theater, in Buenos Aires.


“I arrived in Mar del Plata when I was very young, to see what all the fuss was about. And I rented chairs and fans to build what was the first roomAt that time, a restaurant that used to be on the first floor closed years ago and because of this the mice were running around. At the time it was Corrientes 1 and they advertised it as the only theater on Corrientes street,” he recalls.

The first show was with Susana Campos, Rudy Carrié and Carlos Artigas, the comedy, silk pajamas which they had successfully done in Spain. “Since then I’ve become friends with Susana and I’m godfather to her daughter. And that’s how it all started.”

At the time, Ricardo Martino was a ticket seller, and his wife Cristina and sister Emilce worked as ushers. Martino today continues to be part of the Rottemberg company, now as a prosecutor and they continue with their role as ushers.

“There are so many memories and anecdotes in 45 years that it is impossible to summarize them. But there have been several particular situations. In Mar del Plata in 1987 we made the historic record of 118,500 seats with Black can’tnext to Albert Olmedoand we were also in town on March 5, 1988 when he tragically died,” he comments.

There have been successes, failures, birthdays, goodbyes, deaths, births, periods of hyperinflation, blackouts, boxes, and most recently, a pandemic. But the presence of famous names and show business personalities that shine on the Mar del Plata theater canopies, so close to the sea, has never failed.

“There were so many seasons that I made 22 trips on Route 2 and another 22 on Highway 2 to go to Mar del Plata,” he says. “Next year, celebrating the 45th, will be the tiebreaker,” describes the producer.

His eldest son Tomás received his first vaccination at the maternal and child hospital of the city, for this reason years later they made a season for the benefit of the hospital with work the skinny rifleby Linda Peretz, mother of Tomás, with over 112,000 spectators.

Rottenberg recalls that, in December 1989, due to hyperinflation, they had to change the price of tickets seven times in the same day. “It was December 23 of that year, with what was Mirtha Legrand’s last work there, poticheand where we change the box office price, every two hours for 13 hours before the show.”

With the start of the new year, there are several proposals that will reach the theaters of Mar del Plata. In Bristol, the cast of Jorge Suárez, Laura Oliva, Héctor Díaz and Paula Ransenberg will star in Laplandthe successful comedy by Catalan authors Cristina Clemente and Marc Angelet, still in season at the Picadero, directed by Nelson Valente.

Another who will also jump from the stage of the Comafi Multiteatro to that of the Mar del Plata Atlas will be lost mindcomedy written by Mariela Asensio and José María Muscari, who also directs it, with Leonor Benedetto, Karina K, Julieta Ortega, Ana María Picchio and Patricia Sosa.

Another of the artists who is part of the Rottemberg team is Soy Rada (Agustín Aristaran), who will present Scrambled at the Lido theater, a comedy and musical show in which he combines magic routines, collective magic and live music with his band And the Colibriquis.

There will also be a premiere in the summer of 2023 and will be directed by Luciano Castro, Natalie Pérez, Pablo Rago and Carla Conte with Divorcewritten and directed by Nelson Valente, at the Teatro Mar del Plata, which addresses a theme close to all couples where it is shown that enough is never enough.

The successful comedian from Corrientes Wali Iturriaga will land for the first time in La Feliz with his show Jenny the Paraguayanfrom the stage of the Teatro Nettuno.

At the Bristol, Mondays and Tuesdays, when there is no performance by Laplandwill be the psychologist Gabriel Rolón, to present full worda proposal in the style of professional classics, where proximity to the public is the key.

In the end, Dinosaurs… a Jurassic adventurea show for the whole family, in musical comedy format, will feature huge mechanical dinosaurs at the América theater.


Source: Clarin

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