Mauro Icardi whitewashed his reconciliation with Wanda Nara and caused a wave of ridicule on the networks

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After being separated for two months, one week ago Mauro Icardi Y Wanda Nara they made an escape to the Maldives to get closer. And it seems that the trip has had an effect because, in the last few hours, the footballer has confirmed the reconciliation with the entrepreneur.

Always very active on his social networks, this Thursday Icardi surprised his followers by posting a romantic message that he accompanied with a photo with the mother of his two daughters, Francesca and Isabella.

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“She wasn’t the woman of my life, she was my life made into a woman. Disney Stories also has a second season. I love you, Wanda Nara,” assured Mauro.

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The detachment of the Galatasaray player had an immediate impact and generated that in less than two hours More than 300,000 people liked it.

However, many other users of the 2.0 world, tired of the couple’s constant comings and goings, made fun of Icardi’s comment.

“We are already in the sixth season more or less”, wrote an Instagram user, in response to the fact that, according to Mauro, I’m in the second. “longer than Grey’s Anatomy is this series”added another.

“Mauro, 27 years old, is not the owner or with the lady”wrote another follower, ferociously. “And I felt courage… going back 10 times with my ex, I said you exist, Maurito, it can always be worse“said a young woman, in a mocking tone.

The truth is that the followers have reacted in this way because both Wanda and Mauro have been giving confusing signals about their relationship for some time.

A week ago, in fact, Zaira’s sister showed a video of the moment of Mauro’s goal and subsequent celebration on her Instagram stories, but what is striking is that she added the emoji of a small fire, further fueling the rumors.

However, he chose not to clarify anything about his love affair, continuing with the mysterious game of reconciliation. That yes, yesHe teamed up to refute the versions that he had ceased to be the representative of the athleteOh, he’s still handling his partner’s contract.

It should be remembered that during her stay in Argentina, Wanda was seen very close to L-Gante but, since she returned to Istanbul, several indications have emerged that there was a real rapprochement with the father of her youngest daughters.

The first sign was when the entrepreneur and former Inter and PSG player shared photos of a limousine full of rose petals that formed a heart on their respective Instagram accounts.

Subsequently, Wanda regretted and quickly deleted the story, but Icardi left her and it was later learned that it was a surprise that the footballer would prepare for her to try to win her back. Did it take effect?

In the midst of her reconciliation with Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara destroyed La China Suárez

A few days ago, in the middle of her holidays in the Maldives, Wanda Nara told how much the wandagate in his attempted divorce with Mauro Icardi. In this sense you gave an interview to an Italian medium and there you destroyed Eugenia la China Suárez.

in dialogue with Vanity Fair Italythe media have ensured that he has signed the separation with the footballer and father of his two youngest daughters.

“Mauro didn’t want to and it was very difficult, because I still love him very much. But things weren’t going well, the atmosphere in the house was heavy and at one point I told him: ‘Let’s stop it’. Then I went to Argentina,” said the entrepreneur before this new reconciliation.

And then he talked about deal of her husband with China Suárez and assured that on Mauro’s part it was “childish nonsense”. “I think it was because of that. In fact, after that, he realized even more how much he loved me. I forgave the mistake, the problem was another”, Wanda warned.

Thus, he dismissed La China: “The woman in question (from the actress) is very well known in Argentina for having broken many famous families. He once dated an actor while his wife was pregnant and lost the baby. Another stole the husband of a mother whose daughter had died shortly before.”

And he added: “I know very well that Mauro is to blame, he was the one who was married… Also too many people stepped in to cause discord. A small fixable thing between us has grown into a huge bubble, further amplified by TV and social media.”


Source: Clarin

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