Alex Caniggia’s girlfriend defended herself from the criticisms she received for selling her boyfriend’s clothes

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Alex Caniggia’s girlfriend, who in the last few hours has published a message warning that she sells clothes from the media, he defended himself against criticism and explained why he made that decision.

It was on his Instagram profile where melodic light She warned her nearly 500,000 followers that she would be sharing pictures of some of her and her boyfriend’s clothes for sale. And that price would be around from two thousand to 200 thousand pesos.

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“People, Alex and I have some clothes to sell. It will be because we don’t use it or because it doesn’t fit, but everything is in perfect condition,” he wrote in a story on the aforementioned social network.

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“I’m going to upload it to my best friends, then only add the ones I really think will buy. They respond to this story and I add it,” added Alex Caniggia’s girlfriend, who in recent days has been the protagonist of a strong media crossover with L-Gante.

after the message, criticism rained down on the dancer and many followers of the couple, who began their love story in El hotel de los famed (El Trece), have wondered why, if the media has all the money it says, he decided to sell his clothes instead of , for instance, donate them to those in need.

Due to the number of comments received, the former participant of the first edition of the reality show The thirteen decided to record a video that he shared on his profile a clarify why you started selling the clothes.

Although earlier he apologized to all the people who asked him to be on his “best friends” list in order to access the offers.

“Don’t be angry with me, I won’t be able to add all the people who sent me a request”Melody justified herself.

“I’m not making it public because this is the truth I don’t want to make stupid comments as always,” he clarified.

Soon after, he explained the sale with an unusual argument: “We don’t donate clothes or give them away because they’re made for It is branded clothing in excellent condition and that we want another person give it value that we (for Alex and for her) give her”.

“We usually give away a lot of clothes, we just don’t upload them to the networks and we don’t have to”, he has declared. “Those who know, know and are very grateful,” she said.

And he continued: “Whoever has the opportunity to buy, will buy. to me for example I love buying used clothes and going to vintage fairs. I feel that if a material is of good quality and has been banked with a person, it can be banked with me. And you can cash it with another person and that doesn’t take away its value ”.

“Of course what we can’t sell we will give away like we always do, most of the time,” he said.

After that message and clarifying that she was doing everything possible to organize the sale, the dancer shared another publication in which she assured that finally the fair could become face to face due to the number of people interested in buying.

“Wonderful people, We will definitely end up having a face-to-face fair because it seems the most practical. So as soon as I have news, I will let you know,” she concluded.


Source: Clarin

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